Moon's FairyTail

This is a Fairy Tail FanFic. So obviously I do NOT own Fairy Tail. Now for those who watch Fairy Tail here's the summery: One day when our favorite group of wizards are fighting an evil wizard using forbidden magic they stumble upon a girl. They bring her to the guild only to discover that she has a dark and unforgivable past. Sry for sucky summery. Better than it sounds.

Chapter 1

Black Lightning and Mysterious Girls

by: Kyubey
AN: This might not make sense yet, but all will be reviled. So just be patient!

The wind whistled around the five as they chased the man. "Stop!" Erza shouted at the man they were following. A sly grin spread across his face. "Julvia! Water shell now!" Gray said. Gray then froze the dome surrounding them. A flash of black lightning then hit the icy dome cracking it.
Moon ran down the ally. "Where's Shriek?" she thought to herself. She turned a corner and to her surprise found the man she was looking for. Shriek. He seemed to be attacking a group of wizards. Light appeared under her feet. "Order Magic: Moonlight!"
"Where did that coming from?” Natsu asked. A large magic seal had appeared above them moments before. The man seemed angry before reaching to his pocket and grabbing his gate key. “Open Gate of-” the man stop-ed, for the seal began to grow bright. It then exploded disintegrating the man into a black powder, but the light left the five unharmed.
Moon placed out her hand. "This is my destiny. Even if it kills me," Moon thought. All of a sudden all the black powder started to fly towards her hand.
Lucy watched as what was left of the man was carried away by the breeze, but instead she watched in awe as it flowed into the palm of a girl she had not seen before. The girl had long midnight blue hair that went to her ankles and was wearing a golden cloak. She noticed Lucy and tried to run away. “Guys lets follow her,” Lucy shouted to the others. The chased her around the town, but lost her around a corner. “I guess we lost her. Wonder who she was?” Erza said to the others. “Ya I guess,” Lucy said in reply. Then an ear splitting scream rang through the air. As Fairy Tail wizards they protect others and ran to the place where the scream came from.
They were too late though, for there was an unmoving girl that had black lightning curling off them. It was not the girl they had been chasing, but they were mortally wounded and needed help. This girl had short cropped pink hair and was wearing jeans with a long sleeved black shirt without shoulders. Lucy summoned Horologium to carry the girl to the guild. “What happened to her?” Natsu asked. “I don’t know, but at least that guy was defeated. And here” Erza said as she tossed the gate key of the man to Lucy, but before Lucy could catch the key Horologium exploded and the girl they had saved held the key in her hand. She was high above them with wings made of black lightning. She tried to fly away, but didn’t make it far before she lost conciseness again and fell. They all watched as she fell to earth, only to be saved by Happy.

AN: Hope you guys like it! I’ll try to do a chapter a week, but I’m busy a lot so it might be longer than that sometimes. :( I there are any random a things I don't know why their there.

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