Let me hold you(A Shad moss & Khleo Thomas love story)

Chapter 1

The first meeting

Kaliyah's Pov

"Shad Wake up"
"Mmm..go away"

He covered his head with his pillow

"I need to get to school"

"Drive your car"

"I Would if my car wasn't in the shop."

"Oh yeah.."

"Yeah..now are you gonna take me or am i gonna have to walk?"

"Go get my keys from my pants over there."

I walked over to his closet picked up his pants reached in the pocket and grabbed his keys

."Aye don't mess up my car."

"I won't"


He setteled back in his bed I kissed his cheek And ran downstairs.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a poptart then i went to find my jacket.

I went to the living room because that's where i last left it.

I was looking around when i saw it on the back of the couch.

I walked over to the couch and grabbed my jacket i pulled at my jacket but the sleeve was stuck under what i could see now was a male body.


He didn't respond so i pushed on his back.

"Aye your on my jacket."

I heard him moan and turn on his back.



"Oh forreal?"

"Yeah now could you get up?"

He lifted himself and i pulled my jacket from under him.

"Thank you."

I heard him grunt while i grabbed my backpack and rand downstairs to shad's car.


When I got to school i found a parking spot near the exit of the parking lot.

I got out and walked up the stairs to my locker where my friend Nakayla was standing.



I saw the red rings around her eyes and i knew she had been crying.

I put my stuff down and pulled her into a hug.

"What happened?"

"My mom kicked me out again."

"So you need somewhere to stay."

I felt her nod her head against my chest.

"you know what lets skip.We'll go back to my place and chill."

"But what about school?"

"Well im already ahead of everyone so ond day won't hurt plus its friday."


I picked up my backpack and we went back out to the parking lot and got in Shad's car.


When we got back to my place i parked the car in the garage then turned off the car and angled my body toward Nakayla.

"Ok..listen you have to promise not to freak out."

"Why would i freak out."

"Just promise."

"Fine i promise."


I got out and locked the car then walked upstairs from the garage.

I opened the door and went to my room.

"Aye Who's the light skinned dude on your couch."

"I Don't know some one Shad knows."

"Wait you live with a guy?"


"Have you guys..you know?"

" Nope never,We're just friends."

"Yeah you guys Can't JUST be friends."

"Well we are, I think of him as a brother."

"anyways you hungry?"


"Any requests?"

"Nah i'll just have a sandwhich."

"ok let me show you where the kitchen is."

I led her downstairs to the kitchen.

The bread is on the counter the ham and cheese is in the fridge along with the mayo.

"I'm gonna go wake shad's lazy butt."


I went back upstairs to shad's room.

"Hey Lazy get up."

"Why are you back?"

"Hey to you too..i skipped with Nakayla."

"Ok give me back my keys."

"Not till you get up."

"Look i had a late night im tired and you need to leave me alone."

"come on I'll play 'Call of Duty:Black ops' with you if you get up."

he sat up.


"Yeah I'll play that game with you."


"Come on."

"Hand me a shirt."

I picked up his black wifebeater and handed it to him.

he stood up, put his shirt on and we walked downstairs to the living room.

"Hey Kaliyah where is the....."

She paused in mid sentence because she saw Shad beside me.

"Nakayla,This is my room mate Shad aka Bow wow. Shad this is my friend Nakayla from school."

he was still half asleep so all he did was give her a head nod saying whats up.

"Hi....Kaliyah could i talk to you upstairs for a second?"


She grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs to my room.

she shut the door and started freaking out.


"Um...lower your voice..and cause i need to see if you wanted to be friends with me because of me not because i know shad."

"Oh well i understand..but still do you have any idea how much i've wanted to meet him?"

"Yeah i had an idea cause you have his posters all over your room and you talk about how sexy he is and how you want to have his baby,So yeah i got the idea."

"Oh..i didn't know i talked about his so much."

"yeah now lets go back downstairs."




"Aye Khleo wake up man."

"I wasn't even sleep i was just laying here."

"Yeah well Kia's back and she bought a friend."

"That one girl your always talking about?"

"Yeah...You do know she lives here right?"

"I figured cause you talk about her all the time plus she woke me up this morning."

"Yeah...well get up man."



"Hey nakayla what do you wanna do since you'll be here for a while."


We were in the kitchen sitting on the counters.

"If you don't stop drooling over Shad i will smack you."

"Ok...sorry lets go get some snacks and movies and have a movie night."

"alright,We'll go in an hour."

"why in an hour?"

"Cause i promised Shad i would play Cod."

"ah...well you have fun."

"come with me. I don't wanna be alone."

"Fine...but only cause i love you."

We jumped off the counter and went into the living


Hey Kia let me introduce my friend Khleo,Khleo this is Kaliyah."



We stood there checking eachother out.

He was a tall light skinned dude with cornrows and ears that stuck out.

I could feel Shad and Nakayla staring at me so i changed the subject.

"Hey shad you ready to get your butt kicked?"

He turned and smirked at me.

"You mean Are YOU ready to get your butt kicked?"

"We'll see who gets their butt handed to them."

I turned on the Ps3,grabbed a controller and threw one to him then sat down.


1 Hour later

We played 3 rounds where i won 2.

then we were tied.

when We had 5 minutes on the clock Shad won the game.

"Ha i won."

He was yelling.

"Good for you dude."

"So Nakayla and I are going to the grocery store and the video store."

Shad finally calmed down and looked at me.


"Cause i was thinking we could have a movie night."

"Yeah it's been a while since we actually hung out."

"So do you guys wanna come with us?"

I Directed the question at both Khleo and Shad.

Khleo was the first to answer

"Yeah i'll go,Just let me go put on some clothes."

He got up and went to up to Shad's room.

Then shad answered.

"Nah i think i'll stay here."


I looked around and noticed Nakayla wasn't around.

"Aye where's Nakayla?"

"She went upstairs for a nap an hour ago."

"Oh..yeah i remember her saying something along those lines."

"So since your gonna stay any requests for movies you want me to bring back?"

"Friday the 13th."


I went to my room and put on some converse grabbed my purse ,jacket and shad's car keys.

I went back downstairs and saw Khleo and Shad whispering to each other.

"So Are you ready Khleo?"

He and shad looked up in suprise.

"Yeah come on."

"We'll be back later."

"yeah see ya."

He grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.

We went to the garage and got in the car.

I shut my door and turned toward Khleo.

"So where do you think we should go first?"

"I think we should get the movies first then get the food."

"Just what i was thinking."

I started the car put my seatbelt on then pulled out of the garage.


When we got to the video store i sent Khleo to find movies for Him and Shad while i searched for movies for me and Nakayla. I picked My Bloody Valentine,The Uninvited,coraline,Wolverine.

After i was done I went to find Khleo.

He was in the action section looking at 2 different movies.

"Almost done?"

"Um..yeah..Which one do you think i should pick?"

He showed me the movies in his hands which were 'The Hurt Locker' and Notorious.'


"How many do you have right now?"


"Well Shad want 'Friday the 13th'."

"I'll go grab that and I'll meet you at the register."


I walked to the check out counter and got in line.

i was the second person in line when Khleo walked up beside me.

We got to the front and paid for the movies.

We walked out of the store to the parking lot .

"Aye can i drive?"

I stopped and looked at him.

"How about we race for it."


"We race."

"How about you just hand me the keys."

"Don't wanna race cause your scared to get beat by a girl?"

"Nah i just don't want to embarrass you."

"Ha you really think you'll win?"

"Yeah i do cause,One im taller,Two i played basketball so im more likely to win."

"We'll see."


I looked and saw he was smirking at me.


I blew him a kiss.


We took off. he was ahead of me for a while

But at the last minute we tied.

"We tied."



I threw him the keys and got in the passenger side and threw the movies in the back.

he got in and pulled ou of the lot to the store for snacks.

"Your pretty fast."


"How Tall are you?"




"Your taller than Shad"

"Yep but only by an inch."

"So why are you living with Shad? if you don't mind me asking."

"Nah its ok.Im living with him because my Mom passed so i could either live with my dad and his new family,My older brother or shad."

"Oh thats too bad."

"Yeah my sister had to live with my dad."

"Why?Cause she was 14 when i was 16 so she had to live with him."

"And my brother was in the military so he couldn't take us."

"Do you get to talk to them?"

"Yeah my sister calls me every night before she goes to bed. And my brother calls every weekend."

"Well thats good at least you stay in contact."


We got to the store and went in.

"Could you grab a basket?"

"Yeah sure."

He ran over and grabbed a basket and pushed it over.

we went to the aisle with the junk food and got 4 bags of chips,6 bags of candy 4 liters of sodas and some popcorn.

"Dang girl whose gonna be eating all that."

"You,me,Nakayla and shad."

"Ok well lets go pay for all of this."

we went to the check out counter and paid for the junk.

Khleo pushed the basket to the car while i popped the trunk and helped him put in the bags.

I shut the trunk and got in the car.

Khleo started the car and drove back to the house.


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