Bloody Tears.

Bloody Tears.

This is a story I decided to write on my own. It's about a girl named Raena who goes through a life of hell. This is going to be hugely exaggerated because there is no way all of this would happen to one person.

Chapter 1


5 children. Aged 12-18, female, all reported missing. Each time I heard about a new girl who had gone missing, I thanked God that it wasn't me. But Tuesday night was the start of my ride through hell. I lay on the couch, my raven hair curling down past my shoulders. Another child missing. Great! This would really help me sleep at night! Her name is... N..N... Natasha Benson? Natasha!? Natasha's gone missing!? I closed my eyes and then opened them again. I read the name twice to make sure it was her. It was. I blinked hard. Tears streamed down my face as I clutched my knees and sank down to the floor. I waited for my kind and caring family to comfort me, but I remembered that my mum was at Sandra's wedding anniversary party and my dad was doing overtime.

I stood up, rubbed my eyes and ran upstairs. I packed my suitcase full of clothes, my doll, Louise, my pen and notebook, a blanket and some food and water. I was going to find her. I put on some black eye liner and wrote a short note explaining where I was and why I had gone, then I swung the front door open and ran out into the street.

My crush Jamie who lived four doors away from me was kicking a football off a wall. Oh no! I couldn't let him see me like this. My eyes were still red from tears. I quickly ran for the lane. But he called after me. "Raena? Where are you going? Why have you got that suitcase with ya? Your not running away are you?" I didn't look back, I just kept running. No matter what, I was going to find Nattie.

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