This is a story about two nekos. Nobody has ever seen them before except other nekos. They have to be homeschooled and live in what most people think is a reform school and well... ya no wat? just read the story.... ahahahaha.

Chapter 1


Someone pops in front of me. My ears twitch. "What?"
Finley pouts, "Is it really that hard to scare you?"
I shrug, "Well, yeah. After living here for... I don't know, my whole life? I'm used to it." I say bitterly. Finley pouts and he looks hurt. I put my arm around his shoulder. He has been my friend since I was a toddler. My best friend other than Shay. He didn't deserve that from me. "Hey. I'm sorry, cat boy." I smile and his ears twitch. "I shouldn't take it out on you."
He gives in and hugs me back. "Why you so grumpy anyways Nikki?" he asks.
I pull away, "Not enough sleep. I only took a couple cat naps" I reply and he can't help but laugh at my bad joke.
"We better get going, I guess." Finley says.
I tilt my head to the side, "What do you mean?" I ask.
"I mean it's Friday night and we are aloud to go out! And I also mean that we have to find Shay!" he laughs and grabs my hand. I stare at his purple head of hair and let him drag me along, in search of Shay.
Once we find her, we all head to the main building.
Every Friday we get to go out. The owner of this place, also owns this super awesome skate-rink/arcade and closed up early every Friday so we could have it for the night. We did something different until we ran out of ideas. Not that we would, we all practically lived for this day. Coming up with ideas and activities to make the night fun and hold up until the next week.
Sarafine is waiting for us at the big gates in front of the main building. She motions for us to get in the back of the van with the two other nekos. We all go in the same car with the people in our building. I live in building six with Shay, Finley, and the other two, Tiffany and Andrew. Tiffany had hair the colour pink and Andrew had a his lip pierced and blonde highlights throughout his dark brown hair. "Hey." they greeted us.
"Hey." I replied and sat in between Shay and Fin.
Sarafine got into the car and turned the motor on. "You ready?" she asks eyeing us. "Put your hat on Nakita." she told me and i forced it on over my ears. She gave us a once over and started driving.
"Lets go."

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