Curious George (for travelergrl's contest)

MUAHAHAHAHA! A music related story about...dum dum duuuuum...Boy George! :)

Chapter 1


I was born George O'Dowd to happy, normal parents.
You know, parents that expect their son to leave school, graduate from university and become a college professor?

Those kind.

But you see, that is where I'm not that kind of son. I don't know why, but I just can't be moulded into this shape they want me in.
That's why I put the makeup on.
That's why I dressed like I did.
But really, is there any need to drag me down to the living room, and lecture me once again about feminine qualities?
'George, we just don't understand what you're doing! It's just not right! Dressing as a woman-'
'I'm not a drag queen, dad! I just-'
'What, George?! What? Are you going to tell me that you're gay next?'
'What if I am?!'
My father threw up his hands in distress. This clearly was not going anywhere, and there was no point talking me out of this one.
'Dad, I just-'
'No! You know what, if you want to leave, then go!' I stood up, eyes narrowing and teeth clenched.
'Maybe I will!'

It was raining out. My makeup was dripping down my face, and I was freezing. Crying didn't help much either. I was moving in with my friend Peter, or Marilyn. Only Marilyn lived in a squat. Not ideal, but anywhere was better than my parent's house.
'George,' He said, looking around. 'Come in before anyone sees.' Marilyn let me into the house, and he grinned.
'So did you tell them?'
'Yes.' I replied, still rather shaken. Marilyn gave me a sympathetic hug.
'Don't worry, Georgie boy, I reckon I've got you a job.'
'A job? Where?'
'A club called the Blitz. Manning the cloakroom.' I nodded.
'Thanks, Marilyn. For...everything.'

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