fallen angel love

Chapter 1

new neighbor

I had never had an exciting life. In fact, my life had been anything but exciting. Until I met Zane. He showed up out of the blue one day at my apartment. I'm a college gratuate and until my friend Claire had notified me of his moving in, I didn't know of him. he has a dark look to him, like a shadow followes him everywhere he goes. Honestly, it is kinda creepy, in a totally sexy way. In the next few years I was to find out just how dark Zane's life really was. And how mine was soon to become.
I woke up this morning to birds churping outside my one bedroom apartment window and the unfamiliar smell of bacon and eggs. It seemed to be coming from my kitchen. Who was in my house? Reaching over and into my bed side table, I pulled out my pistol my brother had given to me a month before for protection. The apartment was affordable, and because of this, I had to give something up as well. My safety. This whole neighborhood is dangerous. Even the little old lady acroos the street, she has the most evil glare. It feels as though she is peering right through you. A bump in the kitchen broke my trance. Hesitantly I crept into the living room of my apartment, gun ready. I stopped dead in my tracks when an arm wrapped around my waist.
"good morning beautiful," a masculin voice whispered into my ear. "I've missed you my angel."
I jumped out of bed breathing hard and sweating like a pig. It was just a dream. All a dream. I told myself. I jumped out of my skin when the phone rang. reaching over, I picked it up and looked at my caller. Claire was calling, and it wasn't the first time. I had three messages, all from her. Must have been important because, if I know Claire, she never bothers to call anyone unless it has to do with boys or clothes. I picked up the phone on the third ring.
"There you are! Where the heck have you been? I have been trying to get ahold of you all day!"
"Claire, calm down." I whispered, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "I just got up. I haven't felt good all weekend. Why are you calling me this early, it's the weekend?"
"What are you talking about? its five in the afternoon." the younger girl questioned from the other end of the phone.
I looked over at the clock that sat on my night stand, and just as the other girl had said, it was, in fact, five o'clock.
"Do you want me to come over? I can make you some of my famous chicken noodle soup. My mom used to make it for me when I was sick." Just the thought made my stomach cringe. Claire's family recipe for anything that dealt with cooking was not going on my bucketlist.
"No thanks, I am getting to feel better. I think that long sleep helped a lot. What was it you were calling for again?"
"Oh, yeah. There is a new guy at school. I was in the office doing my community service for the witch," the witch as in her step mother, and also our schools vice president. "When I spyed a new student folder on her desk. I picked it up, just to clean the desk, and opps. what falls out but none other than their manuscript. Or rather his." I knew it, it was a guy.
"Look, if this story ends up that you ran into him on "accident" and have a date with him then I'd rather not hear about it. I am already reminded of how lonely I am just from walking down the school halls."
"No, honey. If you would have let me continue, you would have heard me tell you that Mr. Hotty pants moved across the hall from you." From the way she said it, I suspected she was smiling. No surprise if her cheeks starte hurting soon.
"Okay? I needed to know this why? I would have found out any time soon." I growled. I could be sleeping right now, but instead I had to hear Claire's story about how she broke a federal law to see who the new student is.
"I wanted you to know because, according to this file I see laying open on the desk infront of me, he isn't into reading books and learning. Well, maybe the exception of learning-" I cut her off.
"Okay, that's enough. I am hanging up now, and if you call back I swear I will never talk to you again." and with that, I hung the phone up with a bang. Throwing my head back against thhe pillow seemed to be a good idea, until I actually did it and my head went spinning. "Agh!" I screamed in pain. Sitting up and placing my palm to my forhead.
I stumbled out of bed and went to take an ibeprofin for my headache, but once I got to the bathroom door I heard a bump outside. I practically crawled over to the door and opened it just a crack. Peecking through, I saw a mans back to my door and it seemed that he was carrying boxes. He had a tight black shirt on that really defined his muscles in a good way. His jeans, black and holy but they looked good, like a biker good. And what do you know, a biker helmet lay on the ground next to the door across the hall.
"Uhm, sir. Do you mind keeping it down out there? I have had the worst headache imaginable and this racket isn't helping any."
He turned around and smiled. It was beautiful. It felt like I was in a haze when I looked into his smile. Like floating on a cloud. Then he spoke, and it chilled me to the bone.
"Hi Angel, I am so sorry. I didn't know. I'll try to keep the noise down." his voice, that voice. where did I know it from? then it hit me. Angel. The voice from my dreams. It was him. My dream stalker, my mystery man, my everything. I hadn't known why, but for unknown reasons I fell to the ground. The door flew back and banged against the wall, probably chipping the paint.
I sat up from the ground. I remembered falling, but for some reason I didn't remember hitting the ground. Then the man that had caused my fall walked into veiw. he looked apsolutely yummy, in a dangerous sort of way.
"Are you feeling okay?" he asked, standing from his position leaning against the wall.
"fine, um, who are you?" I asked with fuzzy vision.
"Sorry, you fell out of your door and I had to catch you before I could even introduce myself. Most of the time, women don't faint until we get to the bed. if we ever make it there."
"excuse me." I growled at his shrewed comment.
"my name is Zane. You are just lucky it wasn't my knife collection I was carrying instead of my glasses. I would have let you fall then." he was so rude. but when he smiled I seemed to forget any comment he had to spit out. "I'm your new neighbor. We have the same classes come Monday." he smiled again and evrything else he said melted away.
After having a long conversation about the apartment complex, Zane walked over to me where I sat on his big leather, black couch and asked, "if you feel up to it, what do u say I take you out?"
"Um, sure," I was really happy and confused about how I became to be in this situation.

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