Story Contest! (Winners Announced)

Chapter 1

Chapter One: The Contest

So, I was staring at the screen, wondering what I was going to write I decided to make a contest! A story contest, to be precise. Rules and prices will be below! ^.^ I will start with the price first.

If you win, you will be able to choose one of the following:

1. I will write a group story with you. (Big honor, eh? xD Just kidding, I know this one is lame, so more will be below.)

2. I will list your story in my favorites.

3. I will put it in my recommended list for stories for others to read.

4. I will personally bug people to read your story.

5. You can create a character that I will use for one of my stories.

6. If you have a better price in mind, list in the comments! :P

All right, rule time:

1. Your grammar must be at least decent.

2. Your story doesn't have to be original, but I do prefer it that way. If it's about anime or something I don't know well (or Twilight xD) then I won't be as likely to like it. (As likely to like it...O.o)

3. No Mary-Sueism. I absolutely despise Mary-Sues. (Yes, I know that some of my characters a bit Mary-Sueish, but I try my best!) Though this is more of a warning than a rule; I love original, ordinary and suprising characters. If you have a character with "midnight blue eyes that shift color depending on her mood, an hour-glass shaped figure, long, wavy brown hair and long lashes" and that "is incredibly smart, sweet, fast and funny" I will get bored sooner.

4. The first four chapters have to be up by March 18th. Why so soon? Because I'm impatient! I might stretch the time if I discover no one can write that fast. Also, if you prefer to write your story on wattpad, that's okay, just send me the link! ^.^

All right! I'll list some pictures below, just in case you need inspiration. (Insert number in your comment if you want it.)







If you're afraid your characters might turn out to be Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus:

Best of luck, and if you compete, enjoy!

P.S. Even if you won't get chosen, it doesn't mean you're not a good writer. Some things just happen to appeal more to me.

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