Normal Is Boring. I've Had Enough Normal To Last A Life Time. (Marauders Era)

I uploaded this a lot later than I meant to, but whatever.
I'm really excited about this one! :D So, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Prologue and Chapter One

Mary Trendel sat on her bed in the orphanage, thinking.
Just thinking because she was pretty sure she'd read all the books on her shelf twice, and filled all the sketch pads and coloring books.
I have to get out of here. She thought. Or I might die of boredom.
And it was true. All the other kids who frolicked around the playground were cruel to Mary. She had no one to talk to and nothing to do.
Absolutely nothing.
I've had enough boring to last a lifetime... She thought wearily. 

Suddenly the wooden door creaked open. Mary jumped, her short blonde hair bouncing slightly.
"Knock, knock," Came the sharp, loud voice of the secretary.
Mary rolled her eyes.
"You already opened the door," She said flatly, "Already disturbed my privacy. Just come in."
"Don't you give me cheek, little girl." Mrs. Flanagan strode into the small room, glaring at Mary.
Mary narrowed her small brown eyes back.
She wasn't scared. They couldn't hurt her. 
"Someone's here to see you." She announced through clenched teeth. A tall man with a long white beard came into the room. He was probably the most strange looking person Mary had ever seen.
And he wasn't last strange person she saw for the next six years.
Chapter One
The Moron Encounter
I hurried about King's Cross, searching for the barrier between Platforms nine and ten. 
Nothing was more relieving than leaving that dreadful orphanage, where, still, no one had taken me home.
I finally found the Platforms and walked casually through it.
And just like that, I was back in a world where boredom is never an issue.
I was in a compartment by myself,  skimming vaguely through Hogwarts, A History
The door slid open and a high, wild, jeering voice rung in my ears.
"Look at Mary Trendel!" The girl with wild, curly black hair shrieked. "The geek! Reading her wittle book!" 
I looked up, bored of this. "And why are you here, may I ask?"
"To do this!" She snatched my book from my lap and waved it above her head. "Try and get it, Mudblood!"
I raised my wand and said clearly "/Accio Book./" And it was tugged out of her hand, right into mine.
"Okay, I got it. Can you leave now?" I sighed, my gripping my wand tighter.
She spat on the floor and marched out, sliding the door shut behind her.
I shook my head wearily. 
A couple hours later, I figured we would be to the castle soon, and went to a bathroom to change into my school robes.
I looked in the mirror after changing.
I looked so different from last year. I was taller, and my hair was grown out, and wavy. I had bangs now, that were overgrown, so they had to be swept to the side. I wasn't toothpick skinny anymore. My face was longer and thinner. The only things that stayed the same were my eyes. Big and chocolate brown. I adjusted my black rectangular glasses that were sliding down my long nose, and walked out, gripping my other clothes tightly.
I ran straight into someone. 
"Watch where you're going will you?" Came a harsh voice. 
I looked up at a very tall Sirius Black.
I glared back.
"You ran into me actually, Black." I growled, adjusting my Ravenclaw tie.
"No, you ran into me, Trendel." He said, narrowing his eyes even more. "So don't mess with me."
"Fvck off." I spat back at him, my hands balling into fists. "You arrogant fool."
I swept around him, and he shoved my shoulder as I passed. I hissed softly, throwing the door to my compartment open, to see three boys, one with untidy black hair and wire-rimmed glasses; one with dirty-blonde hair and a scar across his face; and the other was a little pudgy and he had curly blond hair, and small watery eyes. 
"I was sitting here." I said cooly, placing my hands on my hips.
"Sorry," James Potter said, shaking with suppressed laughter, "Our good pal Padfoot got a little busy with Carolyn Fawcett, you see, we had to leave."
"That's a shame," I sighed, sitting in the empty seat beside Remus Lupin, "She always seemed like she had proper eyesight to me, must of lost it over the summer." 
"Oooooh!" chuckled James, "That was good."
"You're just as bad as him, Potter." I said coldly, pulling a disgusted look at his hand raised for a high five. "Arrogant, conceited, rude, pushy, bullying, no mannered, stuck-up, spotlight hogging bastard."
James had a bored look on his face. "Remember when I used to give a fvck? Yeah, I don't either."
"Remember when I used to be afraid to slap you in the face? I don't either." I copied him, raising my hand.
Remus grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand back. "I'm a prefect, Trendel, and I'd rather not give a sensible girl like you detention." He said wearily.
I sat back in my seat, my cheeks flushed with anger. "Bloody twit..." I mumbled, crossing my arms.
"What's she doing here?" came a familiar voice from the door. 
It was Black.
"I was here first actually." I told him, narrowing my eyes.
"Well we were here second." James said.
"Yeah, get out." Sirius grumbled.
I glared at the two of them for a moment then said "Fine," and raised my wand.
"/Levicorpus./" I swished my wand at James, and he went upside down like a hook pulled him by his ankles.
"Rictumsempra," Sirius doubled over in laughter, as I grabbed my trunk and furiously marched out of the compartment.
"Bloody... Gits... Kicking out.... Thick..." I muttered, finding another empty compartment.
What a grand start to the year.

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