Normal Is Boring. I've Had Enough Normal To Last A Life Time. (Marauders Era)

I uploaded this a lot later than I meant to, but whatever.
I'm really excited about this one! :D So, enjoy!

Chapter 2

The Life of a Loner

After several hours of reading and shoving down licorice wands, the Hogwarts Express finally arrived at the castle. 
I sighed and walked out of my compartment, only to run into none other than James Potter.
I scowled up at him, standing taller. 
"Ah, Trendel. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." He teased, ruffling my hair.
I merely growled and shoved past the students in front of me.
I ran into a tall blonde girl, who was with another blonde and a curly haired brunette. She turned around, frowning. I knew her as Genevieve Taylor, who was the brightest witch in our year.
"I'm sorry." I told her, fixing my glasses.
"It's fine." she said, her pale blue eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "Do I know you?"
I shrugged. 
"Oh! You're Mary Trendel!" She said, while her friends watched her, staying silent.
I nodded, giving her a small smile.
"Nice to finally, well... Talk to you!" She stuck out her hand and I shook it.
"This is Vivian," she pointed to the other blond, who gave a small wave. Her hair was almost white, and she had blue-green eyes. "And this is Abby," she pointed to the brunette, who was very pretty. Her ringlets fell down to the middle of her back, and her bright blue eyes were friendly. She nodded and gave a radiant smile.
"Hullo," I practically mouthed to them.
"Don't be shy!" Genevieve said, giving me her perfect, toothpaste commercial smile. "You're really pretty y'know?"
"Sure, whatever," I mumbled, straightening my robes and tighting my tie. I always fix my clothes when I feel awkward.
It was weird. Talking to the popular girls at school. But popular girls meant popular boys. Everyone knew that Abby, Genieve, and Vivian were best friends with those boys. Vivian and Remus were always partners in class, Genevieve was basically inseparable from Black, and Abby was always caught argueing with James over Quidditch.
Well, really, it was weird talking to anyone at all.
I always kept to myself, all the time. No one wanted to talk to me. Not even my roommates: Gabrielle Tatan and Heather Porter. Boys avoided me and even the other losers didn't acknowledge me. But whatever. I could keep to myself perfectly fine.
I got lost in my thoughts as the people in front of me walked off of the train, and the people behind me shoved past. "Move, loser." a few said. My eyes brimmed with tears as I hurried towards an empty carriage.
I sat between a girl and a boy at the feast. The girl had jet-black hair that was wavy and down to her waist. She had smooth, caramel colored skin and big grey eyes. 
The boy was quite handsome. He had a dark mop of curly hair and green eyes. He had the most adorable dimples when he smiled, too.
They called the girl Gabrielle, and the boy Jay. Jay had an Irish accent and Gabrielle was American. Apparently, they were both new. 
Maybe that was my chance.
I could make some new friends.

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