Normal Is Boring. I've Had Enough Normal To Last A Life Time. (Marauders Era)

I uploaded this a lot later than I meant to, but whatever.
I'm really excited about this one! :D So, enjoy!

Chapter 3

At The Feast

I shoveled down my pudding as fast as humanly possible. 
I was starving.
Okay, yes, I ate a lot of candy on the train but still.
Wizard food was a huge change from the crap we get at the orphanage that's like overly salty cardboard. So of course, I was pretty excited to eat something tasty for once.
The boy called Jay nudged me. "Someone's hungry." He teased, flashing his bright white smile and charming dimples. 
"Yeah." I said, my mouth bulging with food. "So."
"Well, all the other girls at this table take bites as small as crumbs. It's a wonder it doesn't take them three hours to finish a chicken leg." He muttered, talking more to himself than me.
I swallowed. "Yeah, well, I'm not anything like them."
"I can tell." He told me, taking a bite out of a roll.
"Oh yeah?"
He nodded. "Yeah. You're not nearly as stuck up as the rest of these girls are."
"Hey!" said the new Gabrielle beside me. "I'm not stuck up!" 
Jay rolled his eyes. "You told me you were probably the prettiest girl at Hogwarts, on the train."
Many of the Ravenclaws near us turned around and shot glares at Gabrielle.
"I was kidding!" she said.
"You better have been, because I'm obviously the prettiest." said Jay, batting his eyelashes. 
I punched him on the shoulder. "Lies! The prettiest would be me." I told him, tossing my hair.
Regulus Black, who had been passing us, turned and gave us a wicked grin. "Guys, guys, no need for drama, when I, Regulus Black, am the prettiest man at this school."
"You bloody idiot." mumbled Regulus' brother, Sirius, who had skipped over to us, I'm not sure why. 
"Oh, is Siri-poo grumpy?" asked Gabrielle. 
"You may be hot, but nobody calls me Siri." he growled.
I burst out laughing. "Does Sirius Black have a crush?"
"Of course not!" he sputtered. "Crush? What is this 'crush' you speak of?"
"You are so obnoxious it shouldn't be legal." said Jay. 
"Um, Padfoot? We should probably kick his ass said James, suddenly beside Sirius. What was with everybody showing up over here?
"Nah, he's new. He doesn't know the rules, which are, Number one: Don't mess with James, Sirius, Remus, or Peter. Number Two: Well, don't be a Snivellus."
Jay raised his eyebrows. "So, you two must think everyone worships you and your friends." he said in a casual tone, pushing his plate away, and standing up. "I don't. And I won't. I'll 'mess with'" he put air quotes around the words. "Whoever the hell I want."
I frowned, he sure was brave. I didn't like James or Sirius, but they were skilled wizards, and by the way the two were glowering at Jay, that would matter soon.
Remus came up behind them.
"Let's..." He put a hand on Sirius and James' shoulders. "Let's not fight guys."
"Yeah," I said cautiously. "Just calm down."
James' face softened a bit. "Come on, Paddy, old pal." He said brightly, and they walked off to the Gryffindor table.
Remus gave Jay an odd look, then turned to me.
"McGonagall wants to talk to us, by the way." he told me.
"What for?"
He shrugged. I got up and followed him out of the great hall.
"Shiit." I said suddenly.
"We'll miss dessert." I said, sounding like the Muggle cartoon Eeyore.
Remus laughed. "That's what you're upset about."
I nodded. "It's the best frickin' dessert on the planet."
He laughed again. "You're weird."
"Yea-AGH!" I tripped on my shoelaces when we reached the door to the Great Hall, and started to fall forward, I wheeled my arms around, trying to keep balance.
But, luckily, Remus grabbed my forearms and then grabbed my waist quickly and pulled me up.
"Your shoe's untied," He said smirking. 
I grinned. "Noticed." I wriggled out of his grip. 
James wolf-whistled and shouted across the hall, "MOONY YOU BIG FLIRT!" 
I blushed and called back "YOU'RE ONE TO TALK! C'mon." and I strode out of the hall. 
"Hey. Don't pay attention to those idiots." said Remus, coming up behind me.
I raised my eyebrows. "You're friends with 'those idiots'."
"I am." he smiled wide.
I chuckled. "You seem quite happy about that."
"I am." he repeated.
He should be. I thought.

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