Normal Is Boring. I've Had Enough Normal To Last A Life Time. (Marauders Era)

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Chapter 8

First Name Basis.

 /I hate everyone,/ I concluded, after Potions class the next week.
"Trendel!" I heard a familiar voice call, as I ran out of the classroom.
Why do Slytherins think they're better than everyone else?
And why do I even care this time?
Maybe because I actually have friends now.
"Filthy, worthless mudblood." The words echoed in my head, causing a lump to form in my throat.
I ran until I got to the second floor bathroom. And locked myself in a stall.
Don't cry. I told myself. You never cry.
But that didn't work, obviously.
I was reduced to a sobbing mess after three minutes.
I was crying too loud to hear the foot steps and the whisper of Alohamora, but someone opened the stall door.
I looked up and my watery eyes widened. "James?" 
"Yeah, I, er, heard you."
"Fvck." I hissed, wiping my eyes.
He stepped in,and wrapped his arms around me.
Now, in a normal state, I would have pushed him away, yelled pervert, and hexed him until he was turned inside out.
But, after all that had happened the past week, it was sort of nice, feeling his strong arms around my waist and smelling grass and sweat on his shirt, which didn't smell that bad actually.
What have I come to, actually enjoying a hug from Potter?
I wrapped my arms around his lanky shoulders, and buried my face in his shirt. He was only a couple inches taller than me. But I was taller than most girls my age.
He pulled back after a few minutes and used his thumbs to wipe away the stray tears. 
"It'll be okay." He whispered, in a voice a lot different than his usual tone. 
"Thanks, Potter." I said softly.
"Still last name basis? Really?" He said in a soothing and joking tone. 
I laughed through tears. "Fine, James."
"That's better, Mary," 
We both laughed for a moment.
Like friends.
"You're a good friend, y'know?"
He blinked. "Sure. I have to go." He dashed out of the bathroom before I could say anything, leaving me confused, and very happy.
I trudged into the Gryffindor common room soon after. "Heeyyyy, Mary!" called James, his arms thrown lazily behind his head, a smug look on his face. Remus turned and stared at him in alarm, while Sirius choked on a jelly bean. 
"Did... Did you j-just...?" asked Peter, his beady eyes bulging.
"Hi, James!" I chirped.
"Mary?" yelped Remus.
"Remus?" I mocked, sitting on the floor in front of them.
Sirius looked at James and I and made a weird, sad, little noise.

But whatever. It was bound to happen sometime.

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