Love at First Sight (A Fred Weasley love story)

Love at First Sight (A Fred Weasley love story)

Ok, so this is my very first story! It's a true story about Fred Weasley and Allison Wood (the half veela halfsister of Oliver Wood), two love birds at hogwarts. I'm sorry that it's really long- there's so much to write- and tell me in the comments if it's good and if I should keep writing these.
Thank you:)

Chapter 1

The Root of Love

"Oliver, when does the train come?" I eagerly wondered as we were driving to King's Station. I asked this since we had come in the car. It was going to be my first year at Hogwarts. My brother, Oliver, looked bored and annoyed because I continually had asked him all summer.
"Soon, Allison," he replied, with an edge of annoyance in his voice. He had waited all summer for quidditch season at Hogwarts and was continuously tapping on the window.
"I'm sorry, Oliver, it's just that I'm so excited!" I brushed the flowing, golden blonde hair out of my face as I pondered over what I would do first at Hogwarts, after unpacking and sttling in. Maybe watch Oliver's quidditch tryouts....
"Ve're heer!" Mum said, breaking my train of thought. She hurriedly got Oliver and my trunks out of the back of the car, kissed us, and said, "Ove wa!"
Oliver quickly grabbed two carts and put his owl, broom, and trunk on one and put my trunk and owl on the other.
"I'll meet you on the train!" he quickly added as he saw Alicia and Charlie, two of his friends from the quidditch team. I looked back and I saw them gleefully talking about quidditch practices and the summer. I turned slowly, sighed, and walked off. All of a sudden, there was a flash of light and smoke, and once it was cleared, my stuff was astrewn. A dungbomb had hit it and made my stuff fly everywhere.
"Oh my gosh, are you alright?" two voices said. I looked up and I saw the mischiveous faces of two red headed, freckle faced boys. They smiled warmly and asked, "Do you need help with getting your stuff?"
I looked at them, wearily, and replied, "Please." They helped me repack my clothes and other assorted items and brought them on the train for me.
"You can sit with us, if you'd like," they told me as we boarded the train. I decided to sit with them and they introduced themselves as Fred and George. They said that they were gryffindor second years and that they were going to try out as beaters this year since the last two beaters had graduated from their seventh year.
"So, what are you like?" Fred asked, mischiviously smiling with a glint of something in his beautiful.... I mean, brown eyes.
"Well," I began, trying not to get distracted by him, " I'm half-veela (George interrupted with 'figures') and this is my first year at Hogwarts and I hope that I'm a gryffindor." We then went on to talking about our summers and I realized that I felt something when Fred spoke.... hopefulness, nervousness, love???
"Hey, I have an idea! Fred, you still have the rest of the dungbombs?"
"Yeah," he replied, "Operation Slytherin takedown?"
"You bet!" George exclaimed. The twins then turned to me. "Allison," George started, "Do you want to help us prank the slytherins?"
"Sure!" I exclaimed gleefully with the proudest expression on my face. After they told me the plan, we crept quietly and unseen to the slytherin compartment where at least 50 dungbombs diffused at once. As we heard exclamations of 'Hey?' 'What?!' and many coughing sounds, we crept back to our compartmant, laughing as we got in there.
"Wow! That was the best prank that we've ever pulled! You're a natural!" Fred said as he beamed at me. For the rest of the way, we laughed and joked, until we heard the loud stop and cry of 'First-years, over here!'
"We'll see you later!" the twins told me as I left them for a ginormous man, a kind hearted man named Hagrid, who was filling kids in boats. I was paired with a tall boy named Cormac, a pretty asian girl named Cho, and a kind, average looking girl named Katie. As we rowed to Hogwarts, we spoke about where we wanted to be sorted and got to know each other. Finally, we arrived to the school and we went to get sorted.
"Bell, Katie" was the first name that I recognized. They put a withered old hat on her that, after a minute, yelled, "GRYFFINDOR!" A wave of applause came from the red and gold table, where I noticed Fred and George clapping along with the others. As Cho was sorted into ravenclaw, and Cormac was sorted into gryffindor, I became nervous. What if I was a slytherin? Finally, I heard, "Wood, Allison" and I came up there. I heard whispers from all directions as the hat was put on my head.
"Hmm.... hard one. You are super smart, yet every bone in your body is gryffindor material..." the hat coughed up. "Where would you like to be?" I quietly whispered gryffindor as I looked back at Fred, who was gettting slapped by my brother, who I could practicaly hear saying," That's my sister, you git!" as he was wordlessly watching me. "Ohh.. I see... Well then, GRYFFINDOR!" the old hat screamed. There was a burst of applause coming from the gryffindor end as I calmly strode to the gryffindor table, taking a seat in between Fred and George, who both whispered, "Congrats!"
"Thanks," I silently breathed back. The headmaster, Dumbledore, gave a speech and sent us to our dormitories. I headed to the common room, where I hung out with Fred and George the whole night, planning attacks on the slytherins and what not
The next week,we pranked the slytherins, they became beaters, and we heard that there was to be a Christmas ball on Christmas Eve! All that you could hear was screeching girls at the tables and "Are you kidding mes?!" all around the room...
A few months later, it was two weeks before Christmas. Professor Dumbledore told us that there was going to be a whole school dance. Many guys had already asked me to go with them (including a fourth year slytherin!), but I had turned them all down. I said that there was a special person that I was waiting for.
"Hey, Alli," Fred said when we went to breakfast, "I was wondering... ifyouwouldliketogotothedancewithme?"
"Umm... sure Fred! I would love to!" I ate the rest of my breakfast with the biggest smile on my face, and not even Snape's potions homework made my smile fade. Everyone who asked me what had gotten into me had to listen to the reply of, "I got the best date to the dance!"
"Hey Katie? How do I look?" I asked on Christmas Eve. I had my blonde hair as silky and straight as normal, brilliant, metallic eyeshadow, and a knee height, bright red strapless dress in gold pumps. She looked dumbfounded and said, "Fred doesn't know what's going to hit him, does he?"
"Nope, and Oliver will kill him if he tries anything," I laughed. Katie looked fine, her brown hair wavy, her makeup light, and in a silky gold dress waiting for Cormac, her date. "Either way, we should leave soon. The best songs are usually first!" We went downstairs, where we met our dates. Cormac said that Katie looked like a dream, while Fred hung his mouth open like an idiot when he saw me.
"You look... amazing," he finished as he noticed Oliver glaring at the man who was taking his baby sister to a dance.
"You don't look too bad, yourself," I blushed slightly as we walked down with Katie and Cormac. We arrived in 5 minutes and when everyone saw Fred and me, there were eyes all over us. We both said at the same time," Take a picture, it'll last longer!" then bursting into a fit of laughter. Afer a while, the dance started, refreshments were served, and the slow songs were playing. As the night progressed, so did our friendly relationship, until we danced closer and closer to eatch other during the slow songs, untiil we were right against each other at the last song, the midnight song. It was something by Celestina Warbeck andwe were swaying to the music slowly together. Oliver had retreated to his bedroom by now and we were closely and slowly dancing. I leaned into Fred's shoulder and rested my head there as I whispered, "I have never felt this way about anyone else."
"Me either," he replied as he took my face into his hands and we slowly and passionately snogged as the song went on, cherishing this moment where I truly had my joker "knight in shining armor." As the song ended, we looked at each other and our eyes said "Now what?"


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