Ask the fictional charaters

Ask the fictional charaters

Just read my awesome idea!! XD

Chapter 1

ok what im doing!!

by: _Terbear_
Ok I've been bored and down a lot so I'm starting a ask column. Its for fun so don't really be so serious.

All you have to do is message me the question and who you would like answer it.
They all will me anime characters so ill make a list of people you could chose from.basically the people I know well.

here's the list

Any naruto character
Any fruits basket character
Any sailormoon character
Any yu yu hakusho person
Any pokemon person
Any inuyasha person
Any dragonball z person.

You know what if you have any anime other animes just tell me in your question who you want.


Message :my question

Can naruto answer this?

Q: what kind of raman should I try next?

And then I will post It like this

Naruto's question --

*what kind of ramen should I try next? *

A: maybe spicy ramen...or regular raman...try something different!! BELIEVE IT!!

Thats basically how its gonna work. If you don't think it's such a good idea just tell me so I wouldn't waste my time.

It would be titled : Animes advice

So yeah..


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