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Yep what the anime characters think! X3

Chapter 2

chapter 2: the next few

by: _Terbear_
Ash's Question

ash- Hey ski!!

Me- hey ashXD all just give you the question ...

Oshawott asked :

"Why do you always travel around with strangers, I mean, you don't know what they might do to you?"

Ash- um...that's a very good point...I don't know. I need to watch out more...o.O

Kakashi's Question

Me- Hey Kakashi

Kakashi- Looks up from his make out paradise book....huh,what? Oh hey

Me - why are you blushing? O.o

Kakashi- no reason...

Me - That book is no it

Kakashi- Sure...for me^^

Me- o.O. .......anyways

l0u5e asked :

In an ideal world, what would your students be like, and if you could swap, who to?

Kakashi- I Think a perfect student would do anything I said and she would be hot...and smart...and lets me read in peace. I would probably swap...nobody..even though naruto is a possibly.

Me - that's nice....although I wouldn't mind if you permanently remove sakura from the face of this earth....Hey sakura waves at her

sakura- hey!! waves back

Me- Hehe.....Ihate you so much....

Unfortunately haruhi's questions

Me- ok lets make this quick because me and my cousin don't really like you..mainly because of what you did in the manga.

haruhi-why is that?

Me- well my cousin hates you because you were all up on tamaki and I don't like you cause hikaru liked you...but only if I were in ouran host club..smiles mischievously

Anyways nikki1309 asked-

If you got lock in a closet would would you want to be with The twins, Tamaki, or Kyoya?

haruhi - well I guess tamaki because--

me - I really don't care why as long as you didn't pick my friends..

haruhi- ok then I just thou--

me- ops we ran out of time for you next!!

haruhi- .....-
-.....what did I do?
Neji's Question

Me- hey neji!! Your the best person on the show today


me- your so awesome with you byakugan

neji- thanks..

me- speaking of byakugans

Xx_Hyuga_Xx asked

what's the worst thing you've ever seen with your byakugan?

me- And I would like to know too...because you always say "I see everything"
But do ya see everything everything. Or just everything?

neji- o.0 ..... I was training by Kakashi's house with my byakugan....

me- and.....

neji - I saw kakashi watching make out paradise .....naked...O.o

me- doing what?

neji- what do you think......

Me is so wrong......

neji-last time I'm training by his house....I'm leaving ....thinking about it makes me wanna burn my eyes..thank you for bringing back bad memories

me-trust me I did not want to know about kakashi and his horn.y self...

Kyo's question

kiyo- why the hell did yuki get a question before me?!?

Me- shut up!! Just answer my question and you can go and hate yuki later!!

kiyo- fine what is it?!?

me - not is not the way to ask for the question ....

kiyo- .......could you please give me the damn question .....

me- ^_^ sure thing...good Kitty

kiyo- shut up!!

me- whatever yuki was way more polite .....

Wolfgirl012 asked :

If you had to choose between being locked in a small house with Kagura or in a small walk-in closet with Shigure, which would u pick?

kiyo what the hell!! I hate both of them!!

me - just pick...

kiyo- so I'm suppose to choose between a phyco path or a idiotic pervert!!

me- yep

kiyo- shigure....

me- ok you can leave now

kiyo- fine....gets up and leaves


ok ill work on the rest laterXD

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