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Chapter 4

chapter 4: Questions from Dawn

by: _Terbear_
sun seto's question

me-Hey sun!

Sun- yo!

me- Alright my cousin Dawn asked:

Are you really that airheaded or are you trying to be cute?

sun- Huh?what do ya mean. I'm not airheaded you see! I'm just trying my best to be nagazumi's bride rose pedals fall from the sky

Me- Dude where are these coming from? Anyways your only in junior high.

sun- and?

me- well we got our answer

sun- is it over?

Tamaki's pov

Tamaki- Hey beautiful

Me- Yeah...hikaru's my favorite...

Tamaki- Looks hurt ow....goes in corner

Me-aww come on I have a question from your admirer.

Tamaki- really....

Me- yes it says from dawn:

Why the hell are you trying to get with haruhi? I'm way better!

Dawn: Yeah!

Me: where did you come from?

Tamaki: well...I...uh

Dawn: Tamaki!! Shes no good for you. At the end she puts you through great hurt don't do that to yourself. She was gonna dump you for hikaru!

Me: Lair! Hell no. Not hikaru!Dawn non of that ever happened

Dawn: in my day dream it did!

Tamaki: this is uncomfortable...

Me: Lets end this...


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