Just a special shout out to some of my friends! (I'm sorry if your not on here)

This is just to say thank you to a few of my WONFERFULL friends... I'm sorry if your not on here cuz I've got a like 300 soo...

Chapter 1

For you for being an amzing person.


Amy: For being an amazing friend and persosn, for supporting me when I doubt myself, and just for being HER!

Luna: For being amazing, creative, fun,Luna pretty, awesome, and making me feel I belong. I just wanna thak her for being such an amazing Luna sister to me!

Izzy: For being nice, sweet,fun,funny, amazing and for being so sweet to me. Oh and thank you for all the fun we had whilst we roleplayed! XD

For staying, for being amazing,for talking , and being incredible, being funny, and for making me SMILE!

lovegoodlover (I'm sorry but I dont know your real name!): For being awesome, likeing Luna, making me laugh being her incredible sweet self and being a good friend.

Elmira (ginnyweasleypiano): For being sweet there when I need her teaching me things being amazing funny sweet interesting and fun.

TeamLuna_2(I'm sorry I dont know your name): For being awesome epic fun introducing me to howrse and being a lovely friend.

Aly: For being awesome giving me a a reason to laugh, making a virtual smoothie with me and just being EPIC!

Faye: For being sweet supportive incredible fun and being my friend and always being soooo swweeeeet!!

Brie(RandomDeppFanatic): Your amazing one of my oldest friends on here you helped me fight the evil penguins killed the evil sanity with me, you are awesome and crazy (in a GREAT way) I love you girl! XD

Cheyenne (beavis999): Your awesome sweet funny interesting and just a lovely person to know! I'm glad to have meet you.

lunalovegood1999: You were my first friend on here you were so sweet, but you havent been on in so long.. I miss you girl!!! Where are you?

Amanda(ThatRandomGirl): Your so awesome! I have loads of fun talking to you and I wish you wouuld come on more often...

To everyone else on my friend list: Thank you so much for either friending me or accepting my friend request! XD

~Love Aylla!


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