The Black Death (Original Story: For WolfofthePine's Story Contest)

For a contest! ^.^

I'm not showing you the picture I'm inspiring this on! Don't want to give clues now, do I?

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Chapter 1

Chapter One

The sun shone (as usual) in the land where the large society of the Piscari, a tribe that was mainly focused on fishing and lumber, lived. The foliage mainly consisted of palm trees and wilse, thick, knobby trees which bore heavy, round fruits called telsee, which were often bitter and unenjoyable.

It was in this land (province, more like), in a place where the deep, blue ocean touched the rocky and sandy shore, that our story begins. And it begins with an obnoxious young girl.


Another wave crashed, splattering the twiggy figure with water.

"Sister, come on!" a boy called out, clearly worried as he frowned against the sun's bright rays. "I don't want to get into trouble!"

She merely laughed, stroking her short hair vainly and turning her head upwards to the light. "Who cares?"

"I care," the boy muttered, pulling a face and sinking to the ground, folding his arms in obstinacy. "I don't think it's good to be here, not now."

She rolled her eyes, overhearing him despite his low pitch, and jogged his way, a smirk on her face. "Don't ruin my fun," she teased him, plopping down next to the boy and reaching for his carefully woven hat, scowling as he leant away deliberately.

"We should get going," he told his sister, flexing his muscles. "It's nearly midday. Today is the day you'll receive your name."

She pulled a face at the reminder. In the sixteenth summer of her life, (along with all the other children who were celebrating their sixteenth summer), she would receive the name that she was to bear for the rest of her life, and a totem to represent her spirit. Today happened to be that lucky day.

Truth be told, the girl (mainly referred to as either 'sister' or 'daughter' or 'friend', like all the other girls in the village) was worried. Her totem would obviously represent her personality, which wasn't gentle or sweet in any way. What if she had a snake? She'd have to wear it for the rest of her life! Plus, her name would probably be derived from her spirit animal. She didn't want to be called Asko'ok either. Names were as permanent as your totem, you didn't get a second chance.

Her brother patted her shoulder. "I was arrogant at your age, yet they still awarded me with the falcon. It will be all right."

"If you say so, Chayton," she muttered, about to stroke her hair aside when she realized it had been cut the day before, for the ceremony. She took a deep breath and heaved her anxious brown eyes to the sky. "Let's move, then."


"Son of--"

"--daughter of Avonaco and--"

Multiple names were called, and the girl waited anxiously until it was her turn, a bit more silent than usual. In the thick canopy above her, several animals moved, though most were birds, which the land of the Piscari happened to have in a wide variety, ranging from woodpeckers, hummingbirds, sparrows, falcons and eagles to quails, ducks, geese, and many more.

The girl thought she could discern a small, black shape, furry instead of feathery, hopping along the knobby branches. She narrowed her eyes and was about to climb into the thick tree when she was startled back into reality by the loud call for her presence.

"Daughter of Kaliska and Aucaman, step forward."

A black shadow flitted over her head, but she paid no attention to it and stepped forward, her heart beating as loudly as the drums while she rubbed her dark-skinned arms.

Destiny awaited.

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