Help... Please?

Help... Please?

Just give me some advice. plz? i have many problems involving friends, boys, and just my life in general..

Chapter 1

First Comes Friends!

by: JeTaime
Alright soo, my friend just started dating this boy that she really likes. and that night when they got together he told her he loves her and she said it back. and 2 days ago, she told me that she has to go certain places to see people to talk about whats been happening in her life and how she feels about it. well shes only told a few of her best friends this and i told her she should tell her boyfriend about it if she trusts him and hopefully he'll just understand and love her unconditionally. well then she told me that if she continues being "crazy" she'll have to go to a mental hospital. and no one wants that for her. soo do you have any advice for me? plz comment and tell me...


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