Why Twilight Is Superior To Harry Potter

Why Twilight Is Superior To Harry Potter

Did I trick you? I hope so!
Okay, let's clear things up: I hate Twilight with a burning passion. I was reading all of this "Why Harry Potter is better than Twilight" stuff and I wanted to see the other side of the picture. This is what I found. I am going to add some of my commentary into it, which will be in bold.

There's the original if you're interested.

~This is not made to insult anybody.~

Chapter 1

Harry Potter VS Twilight

by: __adeline
1. Robert Pattinson, can you say HOT? And he's totally sexy when he sparkles!

2. Taylor Lautner, I mean, have you SEEN those muscles?

Being "hot" is obviously everything to these girls.

3. Kristen Stewart. An extremely talented and beautiful actress, with loads of potential. I just laughed.

4. The Volturi. REALISTIC villains, instead of insane freaks in cloaks, like Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Because evil vampires are TOTALLY realistic!

5. Because its just common sence to like twilight!!! Haha. Romance means everything. Bella and Edward are like, MENT 4 each other, and everything is just......PERFECT!! In Harry potter, u would that that harry and harmonie would like...fall in love or something....and then u watch people die in freaky ways, and then there are creepy things....GAHH!!! but yea. (: Why do they think looking good and falling in love is everything? I guess there's no point beyond that for Twishitters.*

6. Because it's one of the greatest love stories ever!! Harry Potter is good too, but Twilight has way more romance and more hot guys....EDWARD, JASPER, EMMETT, CARLISLE!! Need I say more! Once, again. Hot guys and romance. Yes, please say more. Elaborate why looks and love are the most important things?

7. Yes, we all know that Harry Potter and Twilight are both fiction, but Twilight is clearly better. When I read a book, I like to imagine myself in the plot or relate to the story somewhat. Aside from the vampire theme, Twilight actually takes place in a REAL town with up to date things. ex) cars, school, etc. I'm sorry but I just can't picture myself on a flying train, eating chocolate covered frogs, They aren't real frogs... headed to a non existent magical school. Then I think it's about time to get an imagination. In my opinion, Twilight is obviously better.

8. OMGGG Harry POtter is messed up. Like seriusly, he needs to grow up and stop being so boring cuz edward is like waaaaaaay more AMAZINNNG. therees no love in hary potter and nobodies hot who wants to read a book without hot peeps? ...Danni??

9. Each book in the twilight series has a different story line. It is mainly about Bella's Lovestory but in the 1st book it was about how Edward had to save Bella and in each book the story changes. The main reason of the book is for Bella To become A vampire. Then after that it is the story with Renesmee. In Harry Potter it takes 7 or 8 books to get to the point. Killing the one who must not be named. it drags on and on and becomes boring. Uh.. no it doesn't.

10. Twilight has a more reasonable plot than HarryPotter. Look at Harry and you'll see he's more angsty than Bella. Oh, of course! And all the Harry Potter books are like Harry being "My life sucks" and then Voldemort shows up and he's like "I'm going to kill you" and Harry's all like "No way" and then Harry wins in the end. It's way obvious, especially when the author already tells you how many books there's going to be. I mean, why can't we live in total suspense on what's going to happen next? Twilight gives that suspense that something amazing is going to happen that Harry Potter never gave us. Plus, Harry Potter is a wizard and wizards are demonic creatures. Who would want to root for a demon as the good guys? In twilight, everyone's a vampire, and vampires aren't Satan's spawn. Since vampires have nothing to do with witchcraft at all, either.

11. In harry potter all they do is fly around on brooms and kill people with magic sticks (wands) (Because we really didn't know what you meant) I mean, really?

12. Edward wasn't a dork. You sure about that? Yeah, sometimes, dorks are cute. However, Harry was a bit too dorky and I can't see why girls even liked him. Because he's a freaking BAMF.

13. Harry Potter is for virgin nerds. Twilight is for cool and mature people. You hear that, Potterheads? To be mature we have to read about a chick (who can't use the bathroom without someone holding her hand) watch a way too perfect werewolf and a sparkling hobo chase each other around in fight for her love!

14. Hermione is a week character. By "week" do you mean she comes around everyday of the week or she isn't strong? I think its the first one. Unline Bella, who struggles every day. Hermione has no problems, the only things she has are self-created. She follows Harry into his troubles. Big whoop. Even if she is teased about being a mud blood or whatever its called, she has a choice. She could quit Hogwarts or something. That's totally something Hermione would do. Twishit fan, you problem solver, you! Bella has no choice, she is in love.

15. Twilight was a best selling novel, and has a bigger fan base than Harry Potter. I'd love to see if you had proof.

16. Stephenie Meyer writes that the only thing that can kill a vampire is another vampire or a werewolf. Since Edward is a vampire created by Meyer, we can use her written characteristics and apply them to Harry Potter. Since Harry Potter is neither vampire nor wolf, this means that Harry Potter could not kill Edward and Edward would win. But they aren't going to fight each other, so why does it matter?

17. Twilight led to many other supernatural romances in books and tv shows. Umm... no it didn't. Vampires were around way before Twilight.

18. Unlike Harry, nobody's thoughts are actually that deep or intellectual. I bet if any of us published our thoughts into a book, none would be great English lit; Bella's thoughts are more realistic. That just proves how intelligent Harry is.

19. at least all of them dosent a scar of a lightning bolt. What?

20. no witchcraft (practicing witchcraft is bad). Of course, Danni, of course.

21. At least they talk about reliegon even 4 a short while. Does that have to do with anything?

22. Twilight goes more in depth with the emotions. You can feel Bella's pain when Edward leaves her. You can feel her confusion between Edward and Jacob. You can feel her love for Renesmee. ...since Harry and his friends are just lifeless pieces of carpet...

23. Twilight is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet in its themes of everlasting but forbidden love; to be compared to such a classic is an honor. If its like Romeo and Juliet, why didn't they die?

24. We like the time setting of Twilight. It is modern day. So is Harry Potter. Its just in a more interesting world.

25. Vampires stay with their partners will death. If you mess with their partners, you'll get what's coming. Even after their partner is dead, they will remain loyal to them, till their time comes. Once again, same with Harry Potter. Twishitters really need to get their facts straight.

26. We like and appreciate the fact that the vampires and werewolves in Twilight aren't anything like the one's from us before. To us, it's nice to take on the vampire and werewolf concept.

27. You can read Twilight over and over again. Its totally impossible to pick up a Harry Potter book after you've already read it once.

28. It is the rare vampire novel that isn't about sex on some level, and the Twilight books are no exception. What makes Meyer's books so distinctive is that they're about the erotics of abstinence. Their tension comes from prolonged, superhuman acts of self-restraint. There's a scene midway through Twilight, in which, for the first time, Edward leans in close and sniffs the aroma of Bella's exposed neck. Ew. "Just because I'm resisting the wine doesn't mean I can't appreciate the bouquet," he says. "You have a very floral smell, like lavender....or freesia." He barely touches her, but there's more sex in that one paragraph than in all the snogging in Harry Potter. And? I don't understand why sex is so important.

29. The characters change throughout the Twilight series as well. they may not be growing up like the Harry Potter Characters did, but they did change. The characters become more brave, stronger, loving, forgiving, etc. Each character changed in the Twilight books. Harry Potter characters changed as well, but they kept some of their bad traits with them. Staying "bad" or "good" creates a valuable story line.

30. IT has a graphic novel. Since Twilight fans' IQ's are so low, they need pictures.

31. has more female fans. That means Harry Potter has a bigger fan base. I just threw your own words back at you.

32. Harry Potter was mainly focused on children. We are into the more mature books. That have mature elements in them. Below, they will say Harry Potter is too difficult for small children to read.

33. Who wouldn't want two guys fighting over you? :D That just makes a good story. Am I right? No.

34. Bella Swan is a strong character. SHe is brave, caring, forgiving, accepting, and just plain awesome :) She has risked her life many times to save someone she loves, such as Charlie, Renee, Edward, Jacob, The Cullens, Nessie, etc. She went through weeks of pain to save her daughter. SHe was willing to die so her baby could live. She has also formed a huge army and was prepared to fight till the death to protect her child and family. So yes, Bella is a role model. And No, she is not dependent on Edward. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!

35. Twilight totally had a better, richer, more complex plot line than Harry Potter. It's like I'm reading a different language. I don't understand.

36. Alice Cullen. She is just awesome! She would probably be considered as the "Luna" in Twilight. Am I right? Alice would be the perfect sister. She would make anyone smile if they had a bad day. DON'T EVEN BRING MY LUNA INTO THIS OR I WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF YOUR BODY AND STUFF IT INTO A BLENDER.

37. All four Twilight books made us teary eyed. As for Harry Potter, some parts made us sad and a little teary, but Twilight was the one that really made us teary. Dobby, Sirius, and Fred weren't sad at all. You, Twishitter, are totally right.

38. The Twilight books were so amazing!! We just could not put them down at all! For Harry Potter, some of the books we could not put down, but others made us a bit sleepy. Right.

39. Daniel Radcliffe is doing pornografic musicals on Broadway and Robert Pattinson is singing and acting in other movies...who exactly got the better end of the deal? Just because Sparkling Hobo does all that stuff doesn't mean he's good at it. Broadway is a privilege, no matter what show it is. I wouldn't categorize it at "pornografic".

40. Sirius Black can turn into a great, black dog, Peter Pettigrew can turn into a rat, James Potter can turn into a stag, Remus Lupin a werewolf Rita Skeeter can turn into a beetle and Minerva Mcgonagall can turn into a cat. How scary is that?? Not at all. A Twilight shapeshifter would OWN them all :) You keep telling yourself that.

41. The HP books are all depressing. Lots of good characters die, which isn't cool. And they're just full of violance, and ridiculous plans. Ridiculous plans? You need a very clever brain to think of the plans created in HP. Depressing? Good characters die because they have no choice. It may be sad, but that's what makes the books interesting.

42. Stephenie Meyer did her resarch and found a place like Forks so the vampires could be outside. JK just made one up. She made one up because she used her brain and creativity. This person is making Rowling sound like she did no research at all. Whoopdedoop, Meyer found a location! Rowling went deep into another language.. and more!

43. The sparkles are so unique and creative. They're not stupid. You hear that, Teagzy? Better change your username!

44. harry potter is too hard for a young child to read. Translation: "My brain is too "week" to handle all these complex details."

45. Twilight is better because the books are written better and the characters bring more to the table for the readers. I...can't even.... Written better?

46. It's set in America. Because America is just the dandiest place in the world, full of gross fattening fast food and fat people who smell like BO. Such a wonderful place to be!

Once again, I didn't add all this commentary to offend anybody. Don't yell at me too much. I just found this absolutely hilarious. I honestly thought it was a joke at first.


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