Under the Willow Tree ~ A Marauder Love story (New version)

Chapter 1


I walked outside my house, and walked towards the Black family masion. "Hey Sirius." I said, plopping down on the grass next to him."Hey." He said blandly. I looked at him, concerned. "Whats up?" I asked him. "I go my Hogwarts latter." He said. "Me too," I told him. "But I'm talking about your voice. Whats wrong?" He looked at me with sad eyes. He looked at me with his deep grey eyes, looking so closely that I felt he could see straight into my soul. "Houses, Sabrina. Houses. What does my family want me to be in, Sabrina? Slytherin." I stared blankly at him. "I know your family wants that of you... And you know my family wants that of me. Our families are proud pure-bloods, Sirius. Slytherin familys for generations." I said, my hand on his shoulder. "But what if I don't want that?" Sirius sked. I thought. "But shouldn't you want that, for your family? Shouldn't you want that to make your family proud?" Sirius glared at the ground. "I don't want to make them proud. I hate them." I looked sadly at him. "Then think about me, Sirius. What would your famly do to you if you weren't to get inot Slytherin? they could disown you, or worse. Life never turns out well when you'be been blasted off that wall, Sirius. And if you were kicked out... I don't know what I would do without you. Your my best friend." I told him. "I don't want that, you know I don't. But... I don't know what I want." I half smiled at him. "It doesn't matter. The sorting hat will chose for you. But theres one thing that you can always look folward to. Nomatter where you go, Slytherin, Rvenclaw, Gryffindor, no matter what happens, I'll be right there with you. Marauders forever and always, remember?"


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