lesbain love story

lesbain love story

this story is obviously about lesbians.It is about how they meet and learn to love each other overlooking the hatred in the world. There will be some dirty parts but mostly not.

Chapter 1

New York

by: cocoloco
Hi my name is Matilda Morrison. I have lived in Wimberly, Texas all my life. But 3 months ago I turned 19 so now I'm moving to New York. My older brother moved here when he turned 18, 3 years ago. I'm going to live with him and waitress at Big Daddy's Restaurant. My plane just landed and i exited the plane. Being pushed around in a large crowd I grabbed my bags and began to look for my brother. i spotted him flirting with some girl and she just looked annoyed. I walked up and said "hey bro wassup." The girl and him looked towards me. "um hey sis hows it going?" he asked. It seemed like the girl was checking me out. the girl suddenly spoke up and said "i hope I'll be seeing you around" then she winked and walked away. Weird i thought. Me and my brother got in to his car and he drove us to his two bedroom apartment. i threw my things in my new bedroom and told him i was going to go get ice-cream. I'd been to New York enough times visiting my brother I knew the neighbor hood. i walked into the ice-cream shop and ordered a mint chocolate chip ice-cream cone with chocolate sprinkles on top. trust me it's the best. they handed my my ice-cream and i threw six bucks on the counter. As i walked out i slipped my ear phones into my ears. Get low by Lil' Jon and the eastsideboyz blasted in my ears. I walked to the little play ground three blocks away. when i got there i sat on the swing with my ice cream and slowly lifted off the ground. now smack that by Akon was on. i rapped along with Eminem quietly then felt a hand on my shoulder. i turned my head and saw that it was the girl from the airport. i popped out my earphones and she said "wow, small city i didn't now you lived near here."
"oh well' i just moved in with my brother so I'm kinda new around here." she smiled and told me that she could show me around sometimes. i agreed and i gave her my cell number. Just as she was walking away i said " wait whats your name." she smiled and said Caitlin but call me cat, you?"
" Matilda but call me Matt everyone does."
I went home and tried to fall asleep. i just couldn't get Cat off my mind there was just something about her something i like.

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