Bleh, I think I've fallen in love:P

Yes, I think I've fallen in lover with that supermegafoxyawesomehott bacon cheeseburger over there...The love of my life! JK!!!!

Chapter 1

DAMN ME! >:(

Guys, I don't know what hell is wrong with me, but I think I'm sprung:/
Which is the most horrific thing ever! Because, I, Amia James, is a hopeless romantic. Yes, I'm terrible at flirting, and mushy-gushy stuff, except kissing. I'm actually good at that;D Anyways, I'm just horrible at the whole concept of boys. I'm mea how do you understand the oppisite seex? Their like from a whole different universe. OMIGOSH, I really need to get back to the point. So, there's this really cute ginger guy named Louis Howard. Oh my lord, he's as adorable as a koaloa. You know the ones who hag from a tree? No, that my be a sloth. Well, back to the point. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO EFFIN DO?! We both know we like eachother, but neither of u will confess it-- ok maybe he has, but I won't because I'm a ugly, non-ginger girl, who I to shy to talk the the most friendleist boy in the world, but knowns that she's in love with thi dude. Yep, I'll die alone with 100 million furry cats. Oh, stupid me! I haven't even told you about the sexy ginger Lucius XD

Well, he's really friendly and sweet, but also he's really cocky. He plays football, but not quidditch. And, the reason I know he likes me is, because he can't keep his hands away from me, he's always annoying me to death, and he already confessed his undying love for me. Sigh. I need sirius help guys. Either help me confess to him, or help me get over him please!

Here's what Louis looks like:

Peace, Love, PeetaMellark,
Amia Weasley

P.S. There's also some more pictures of him in photoalbum 22 & 23


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