7 Coloured Hoods

Thank you everyone who wanted to write along! ^_^ Please enjoy writing, having fun & comment!
It's based off the story of Little Red Riding Hood, with some differences. The Hood family have 7 children, all representing the colours of the rainbow.

Credit to these awesome people: ♪animegirl3, JayStarJayFeather, ♪Squirtle831, MusicFan, Drvamiregirl, ♪books, ♪Lynx_Minx, vanessac222, ♪TheSpecter, ♪Alexis117, feonikks, ♪doublerainbowe, suspense7 & ♪WatchMeBurn!!

Chapter 3

Younger is Never Better

Tonight, dinner was the best. It all started off with Red throwing a pea at Indigo. She started crying, once the pea fell into her milk, that is. It was pretty funny, even though I felt kinda bad for her.

Violet, my favorite out of all of my siblings, says that Red, who is 17, is a bad influence, considering I'm the youngest. I'm only 13. Stephanie is closest in age to me, she's 14, and the oldest is Vi. She is 19, and the best sister ever.

After Red leaves dinner, we all finish and head to our rooms. I have to share mine with Blue, Oliver and Red, which I think isn't fair, but it is how it is. I sit in the back of the hallway, near our room, in my favorite dark corner under the curtains by the window, and watch Red go into the room. I sneak into the room, and successfully surprise Red.

"I thought you'd come in!" I told him, grinning.

"What gave it away?" he asked in partial shock

"You're not that sneaky, you know!" I retorted, and that is the truth. Red is nearly the loudest out of all of us.

I go and leap onto my bed, burying my head under my pillows. I hear Red chuckle. Once everyone's asleep, I sneak downstairs and go outside. When out there, I go around back, clenching the wooden bowl of goats milk in my hand.

"Shadow. Come out, I have milk for you and your kittens," I whisper, setting the milk dish down.

I hear the pitter-patter of paws on the stone walkway, and soon comes 5 little black kittens racing around the corner. Their mother, Shadow, following closely.

I found Shadow just a month ago, scrawny, her ribs showing, and trying to nurse 3 nearly dead kittens. I decided to help out, and have been since then The kittens are a little less then a month old now, and I have already named them.Shadow Jr., Missy, Faith, Mister, and Splotch, the runt, who has a white spot over her right eye.

They finish the bowl up quickly, and I head back inside. I put my pj's on, and fall into the deep black pit of sleep.

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