So we are ultimate parents (smosh love story part 2#)

Part 2 mane!!

Chapter 1

Leave it to Ian!

by: tehya400
The day after the whole Anthony scenario I honestly wanted to stay home. Id doubt my mother would let me so I went. I picked up my friends and told them what happen. You know what they said like most girls would say "She is gonna kill you."

I dreaded walking in cause my friends had walked ahead of me. To my suprise Anthony and Ian had opened the door for me. "Hey Olivia, Athony told me everything! Soo did you too get it on, this jerk over here won't tell me." Anthony rolled his eyes at Ian's remark "Cause you have a big mou........." Ian itterupted Anthony "Did you or not." I was pretty shocked Ian would even think that. I just told him exactly what was on my mind "Why would you think that he is dating Kalel! I would think he'd stay loyal to her." Ian looked at me smileing and nugged Anthony. "Break up with Kalel now." He said. I was astonished at him "Don't make him do that!" I said staring at Ian. Anthony's head was nuzzeled in his hand "I was already planning too. I had told Ian after I envited you over." Suprisingly, Kalel walked in with her cheerleading uniform on. She dropped her pom-poms and grabbed Anthony's colar and began to to kiss him. She turned around to look at me "Oh you three where talking! I am so sorry!" She said with a smile whipping the saliva of her bottom lip. Anthony looked at her "Can I talk to you?" He said with a nervous face. "Sure, about how bad of a kisser you are." She said to him. With those few words I almost snapped but before I could speak Anthony smirked "No, about how bad a girlfriend you are!" He said with a sarcastic smile. I backed up cause I did not want to be in their fight. Ian was laughing he looked at me and said "She got burned!" I kinda smiled at what he said. Ian did a commentary on there argument and I watched and laughed. He even did some voice overs. Soon the fight stopped in one simple sentence "That's it! We are finished!" Anthony said and stormed toward us. Kalel began staring at me as it was my fault he left her. Anthony must have noticed cause he
kissed me and looked back at her. She stormed off. Ian looked at Anthony and I "I bet she is catching mono right now." He said with a smile. "She was planning to cheat anyway." Anthony said. I thought of what he said and my heart felt broken. "So I was your rebound." I said in a saddend voice. I felt he used me because he did not want to be single. "No, what makes you think that." He said staring at me. I just could not hold in my tears. I went to my car to let out my tears. I honestly though he cared, but I guess I was wrong to care for him. I turned on my radio and the song "It Will Rain" came on. Suddenly, I burst into uncontrollable tears. Was he even the right guy?


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