HP next generation ( from Life at Hogwarts)

Well, the wait is finally over! I introduce the next generation of Harry potter! This is a sequel to Jordan's life at Hogwarts story, about their kids, and I hope you like it! Yeah, after she left I decided to do a tribute to her. But good news, she might come back on, as another user! Yeah, we chatted for a while. :) anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1

George Jr. 's story

I woke up to mom cooking fresh bacon and eggs. Just as I was about to take a bite, Dylan walked in and popped a piece of bacon in his mouth. Today, we would be departing from our wonderful home, into the great wonders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Along with Kate, we packed our bags, and began our journey. Isabella was still to young, but we got to go. As dad tried to find the keys, mom checked to see if we had everything. And we were off into the mysterious destiny that awaited us. When we arrived at King's cross, there was hardly an empty compartment that we could find. But, we found seats next to our cousins, Albus and Rose, laughing at Hugo, who seemed to be trying to cast a spell. When we all had have our good laughs, three tall and muscular guys walked in. One turned to face Kate, while another turned to Me. I got up and politely asked them to leave. " I don't see why we should, Weasley, " said the bigger one of the three. "see, we were just getting started". I raised my arm in alarm, but before I knew it, I was being knocked out. Unlike my dad, I was very strong, and not easy to knock out. But the force knocked me on my feet. I promise it was dark magic. I could hear a scream, probably Kate, and turned to look one last time at the three, who were still there, before loosing my vision and became unconscious.

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