So we are ultimate parents. (smosh love story part #3)

Part 3! What happen after Olivia walked out.

Chapter 1

Anthony and Ian's Aftermath

by: tehya400
After she walked away I felt like I lost something really important. Ian laughed at me and said "You really screwed up this time." "Shut up Ian!" I said to Ian.
I really needed to get her back. I was willing to do about anything at this point. "Ian I am going to the drama room." I said. Ian looked at me like I was an idiot. "Are you serious Anthony!" He said in a annoyed voice. "Just get the cd player!" I replied. "She is just going to reject you." Ian said as if he knew the future. He walked towards the AV room. I was suprised he actually listened to me. He must have know that I liked her for a long time now.

I was wearing an elf costume. As I walked down the hallway people laughed and teased. "He just broke up with the head cheerleader and now he is wearing an elf costume! He has a serious problem." Said one girl. I sauluted her and walked away. Kalel stopped me to my suprise "I am willing to forgive you A-Dizzle, but what made you leave me like that." She said sweetly while stroking my hair. I pushed her hand off my head "You have a terrible attitude and you have been with most of the football team. That is why." I said with a smile and walked away.

As I arrived outside Ian was waiting with the cd player. "You are a complete idiot for girls! I would never do this for Melanie." He said laughing at my outfit. "Because, you have never been in this type of situation." I said as I walked towards Olivia's car. I could see her crying through the window that she opened for air. I stopped at the opened window "Let Ian and I in for a second." I said to her. Her eyeliner had ran down from her tears. She spoke to me sniifling "Are you sure you want to sit in a car with your rebound chick?" She said with a stuffy nose. She did not even look at me and my clothes. " Olivia, your not my rebound chick. I happen to like you more that I did Kalel when we were together." I said to her, but she didn't look. I don't know why, but I climbed through the window. She must have heared when I fell in, because she finally looked. He eyes brightened and she covered her mouth to keep from laughing.
He reaction made me smile. I reached through to the the back door to let Ian in. I began to sing "Hey gurl what's your name...." I was intterupted by Olivia. She began kissing me. When she stopped I look at her. She was glowing! Did she really like me that much? She looked back at me and she giggled. Ian began to speak loudly to let us know he was there "I missed like four classes already!" He got out of the car and slammed the door. I looked at Olivia with a smile "I really like you." I said trying hard not to sound corny. "I would not have been crying if I didn't like you." She smiled. "So do you want to you know..." I said. "I will be you girllfriend, but I want you too take off the costume." She said laughing. I took the top off, but I forgot i left my shirt in my locker. She was looking at my chest "You have a four pak?" She said still staring. I realized I could milk this, so I said in my hottest voice "So do you have an extra shirt?" She handed me a gray roundneck in a flash. " How does it look?" I said using the voice. "Your fine, I mean it's fine! Ugh!! Sorry." She said nervously. "It is ok, were together right?" I said once again with my enchanting voice. I could tell she just melted. I guess my work is done.

in. I nodded to tell him tostart the song


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