Quibblo One Year Anniversary - Including Many Little Messages To My Amazing Friends

Quibblo one year Anniversary! 1st March, 2012.
This year went so quick, but was AMAZING!

Chapter 1

1st March 2012

This year was amazing.
Why was it so amazing? Because I discovered Quibblo, and the many wonderful people that came with it.
This story is dedicated to those people who have made the biggest impact on my life, or I'm closest with, and includes little personal messages to them. Don't be offended if you're not on the list. If you're not, then we obviously need to get to know each other more.
I'm going to be using people's actual names (or nicknames) in this story, if I know them.


Where to start, eh?
You're funny, clever, kind, talented, an excellent writeR, always there for me, and just pure SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT. Yes, just that amazing. I've known you since almost the start of my time on Quibblo, and we've grown really close. Even from our messages on Quibblo, I knew we were going to be amazing buddies- now, we are besties. Our chats are awesome, our skypes are awesome. YOU'RE AWESOME! I just want to say thank you- for being here for me, for loving me as I am, and for just being you. Stay strong, Sofi- no matter what others say (you know who), because I love you. I'm certain that we'll meet when I have enough experience, and money, to fly out to America. Love you, Sofi!


Skye. You were my first ever friend on Quibblo. I remember searching through the recently created quizzes, and seeing your question for help with boy problems. I thought I could help- and thank goodness I did. After that, we messaged, and we got to know eachother. And I got to know the awesome, funny, incredible person you are. I seriously enjoyed our question-walls system. We should do that again. Love you!


BRIEBRIE. Gmail buddy, Quibblo buddy, my awesome buddy! Don't you just love ROCK CAKES? XD XD
We could possibly be the complete opposites of people, but the best friends ever. You are absolutely hilarious- coughcoughrockcakescoughcough. And, also an amazing, loyal friend, with an epic American accent. You have a seriously amazing Johnny Depp rabbit in your bedroom as well. Our obsession with Johnny Depp is part of what brought us together.
I love you girl!


Alynun, Alynun, my dear little nun-buddy. We are seriously too swexy, are we not? Katalybreenun is just too awesome. I love our adventures with Mildred, Bob, Sister Anne, and squishy socks. LEALIVGBLIB. Hah, see? I've got that acronym memorised. Anyway... you are absolutely HILARIOUS. We have the best conversations, and I can always rely on you to cheer me up. Although, those time differences sure are annoying. -.- You are beautiful and clever! I'm so glad we're friends- and we always shall be. Love you!


TASHY-WASHY. Yes! I called you Tashy-Washy! Please don't kill me? I'm your silly buddy, and you're my silly buddy. We're hacking buddies as well! I'm so glad that we met, and now that we're friends. You're such an amazing write, and such a fabulous friend. And you're incredibly pretty, not to mention incredible at drama. We shall always be friends. And we shall always message eachother via drafts. We shall always hack. We shall always discuss tangfastics, knickers and rock and rule. Love you Tashy-Washy!


Oh, Anna, my second ever friend on Quibblo. It pains me that you're never online anymore, and that we haven't talked in so long. I treasure all the amazing conversations we've had together, and all the happiness we've had this year. And, just remember- NEVER lose that obsession over Johnny Depp. It's what brought us together. I love you!


KENZIE! Hacking buddy! Awesome person! Fantastic writer! Beautiful girl!
Those are the first things that pop into my head at the thought of you. You're are such an amazing person, Kenzie. Don't forget that. You're epic at writing, and I must say improving rapidly. I love all of your stories! We do have our silly moments, don't we? Yay! Yay! Yay! And now we're writing a group story together. I'm certain that that will be something to write in my Anniversary next year. Keep being awesome!


Hehe! ^^^ That looks funny.
Well, Bonny, where to start? I remember that you were one of my first friends. It annoys me that it took us up until around a month or two ago that we actually started talking, and I found out how amazing you are. Even though you're possibly not the luckiest person in the world, I love you for who you are. I love our conversations, because I can just say anything! And I seriously respect you- for being such an amazing bilinguist- and writing excellent stories in your second language. I know you're going to pass your third screening, just as you did with the first two. Love you!


Sabrina! Hello my awesome friend. I remember first getting to know you because of your amazing comments on my stories. You inspired me to write more, and really cheered me up on days when I was down. You're cheerful, helpful and hilarious. We haven't had anywhere near enough conversations for my liking. We must message eachother much, much more! I hope that we'll grow even closer in the future!


Lily! You're an absolutely fabolous writer, and person. I'm thrilled that we're writing a story together. In fact, I'll always remember this as my first group story ever- and I'm glad that it's with such an awesome person. YOU. We should really get to know eachother more in the next year, too. I love you!


BREENUN! Another, incredibly swexy nun. You are like a real-life Mary Sue, I must say. You're an incredibly author and artist, you look absolutely gorgeous, you don't hesitate to help others out, you have a bright view of everything, and you're such an amazing person to talk with. Don't stop being awesome. I know we shall grow even closer in the next year. LOVEYOU NUN-BUDDY!


Sarah, my favourite chocolate horse. You're an incredibly cool person indeed. I love talking to you, and reading your stories- especially The Forest of Power. I hope we can talk more in the future! Love you!


I don't recall your name, so I shall use your nickname. We first started talking after your picture contest. That contest was awesome. And I found out that you are too. We haven't talked as much as I'd like to, so I hope we can grow closer this year. You're kind, funny, and caring. Don't change.


Catherine! You are so, so kind and such an amazing friend. You're always here for me, as I hope I am for you. You're such an amazing girl, and I hope we can continue to talk in the future.


You are a seriously awesome person. You make me laugh so much. We're both really similar in personalities, yet we haven't talked as much as I'd like. We MUST talk more this year. We shall. ^.^


Dom! You're amazing. You are such a loyal friend, and reader, and an amazing writer yourself. We need to talk much more- and you need to clean out your inbox, naughty! ;)


BRITISH PEOPLE ARE AWESOME! coughcoughJoe and Joey Richetercoughcough
We must talk more next year, you awesome girl.

Weeeelll... that's all.
I have a sneaky feeling that I may have forgotten someone obvious, though. O.O

P.S. It's actually sunny in the UK!

P.P.S. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt for the first time since last September. O.O

P.P.P.S. (Is that correct acronym?) I love you guys!

~ Katie


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