Slave -Original Story!-

Slave -Original Story!-

Cursed. Enslaved. Used. Abused.
All of these can describe young Kishi's life. She is a wicken-''not'' a witch, a ''wicken''-and because of her ancestry, she must do the bidding of her master. She plots in secret an uprising with her sisters, Maya and Celeste. Each of them risks their lives for freedom....will it be worth it?

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Chapter 2

Ch. 1

by: x_Lupa_x
"Kishi!" Aaron yelled, summoning me. I sighed and sat up, rubbing the back of my neck. The sunlight was weak today, but it was better than no sun at all. I always snuck out to the garden when I got the chance.

Celeste and Maya didn't really understand why. Yes, they enjoyed the sunlight too, but they felt it was better to get it from the window, because then you didn't risk a beating, or being locked in your room for a week.

They didn't get that it wasn't just about the sunlight, the warmth and peace it gave me as I felt it playing across my face. It was also about the fresh air blowing softly around me, lifting my soft brown hair in waving tendrils off my shoulders, filling my lungs and clearing my head. Or the feel of the grass under my back, warm and alive and comforting.

I stood slowly, my slave skirt swishing around my knees, my anklets jingling as I walked back toward the small cottage. The collar around my neck loosened a bit more with each step that brought me closer, hanging limply as I closed the door softly behind me.

And then Aaron was there, arms crossed, his dark blue eyes narrowed in anger. I felt a chill trace up my spine-that expression always brought trouble for me.

"What were you doing out there?" he demanded.

"Well," I said softly, looking down respectfully, my hands clasped tightly in front of me. "You had not summoned me yet today, so I was taking some time to myself. I thought it would do me some good to get some fresh air. Is this displeasing to you, sir?"

"You know you are not permitted to leave the house without accompaniment," he says, though his tone has softened. I dart a glance up to gauge his expression and see that he is now smiling at me, his eyes trailing down my body, lingering on my long, elegant legs, the curve of my waist and hips.

"Come here, Kishi," he commanded. I know what will come next. It sickens me, but I obey. I walk toward him, still staring down. "Look at me." His voice has dropped to a husky murmur. I feel another shiver tracing down my spine, this one having to do with a completely different type of fear.

"What do you wish of me?" I ask. My hair falls in my face as it always does, a dark curtain to hide my golden eyes and creamy skin. He cups my cheek in his callused, warm hand, brushing my hair back. I long to jerk away as he bends down to kiss me, but I know this will only displease him and earn me a beating. Quite possibly a whipping.

So instead I force myself to do what I know he wants. As his hands grope my waist, I press my softness against his hardness, wrapping my arms around his neck. My fingers knot themselves in his hair.

He leads me into the bedroom off the side hall, and we stay in there for a while, until he is satisfied with the hunger his body craves, which he always uses me to satisfy.

Evening has fallen when we emerge. My hair is disheveled, so I attempt to smooth it with one hand. I am sore in many places.

"Is there anything else you wish me to do?" I ask, still smoothing my hair, not looking at him.

"Yes. It's late. I am hungry. Go get your sisters and make dinner," he says dismissively, going out. Probably on a walk to a village.

I sigh, cupping my hands around my mouth. "Maya, Celeste. It's time to make dinner," I call, my voice reverberating throughout the cottage.

I hear a thump upstairs, and then Maya's soft, musical voice called down, "Okay, we'll be down in a minute! Can you start without us?"

I sigh again, but go to the kitchen. I kneel by the hearth by the fireplace, closing my eyes and cupping my palms. "Ardere," I whisper, and feel a flash of heat in my palms. I open my eyes and see a small black flame flickering in my hands. A small smile spreads across my lips.

I scatter the flames across the firewood. It catches quickly, turning the normal orange and yellow of a fire as it leaves my hands. I walk to the cabinet and pull out a pot, filling it with water. I set it over the fire, and as it simmers I begin chopping up vegetables.

At this point Maya and Celeste walk in. Celeste has a dead, plucked chicken in her hands. I smile at her-she knows I hate handling the meat. She and Maya smile back, then both of them silently begin to dice the chicken. When the pot begins to boil we put the vegetables and chicken in, and Maya murmurs, "Gurgite," flicking her fingers at it. Immediately it begins to spin, stirring itself and making a nice stew.

I take hers and Maya's hands in my own. "Nice work, sisters," I tell them. "Now, let's talk about our plan. Have you thought of anything new?" Maya touches the collar on my neck-I am the only one that has a collar, for I am considered the most valuable of us, because I am the most physically attractive.

Maya, with her curly red hair and green eyes, and Celeste, with her brown eyes and straight brown hair, were both pretty in their own way. But neither of them was as curvy or striking as I was.

"Well, we thought we might try to break the collar with a spell," says Celeste, her bright voice chipper and sweet as always. "After all, I doubt it's magic-proof. So why shouldn't it work?" I think it over.

"I don't see why not. But it would take our combined powers," I say slowly. Both of them nod gravely-they have already considered this. "But it would have to be at night, while Aaron is in bed. So we don't get caught," I continue.

They nod again, and I smile at them. "Also, Kishi, we thought that maybe we could use a potion to knock Aaron out long enough for us to get a head start," Maya says.

I feel a grin spreading across my face. "Perfect! You guys are the best" I say.

I hear the front door open. I quickly smooth out my face to its normal non- expression, Maya putting on her typical shy smile, and Celeste her usual sad smile, as Aaron comes into the kitchen.

''Soon,'' I tell myself, as we serve Aaron at the table and then eat in the kitchen ourselves. ''Soon, I'll be free. Then, we won't have to do this anymore. Just hang on until then, Kishi.''

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