So we are ultimate parents. (smosh love story)

So we are ultimate parents. (smosh love story)

A story and stuff :D

Chapter 1

Friends, Foes, Anthony?

by: tehya400
As I drove home from school my friends teased me. "So, how about you and Antonio or something." Adori said teasingly. "His name is Anthony and you know it." I replied angrily. For being my so called friends they loved to tease me. "Kalel problaby really hates you now!" Isabella said smirking. "Like she didn't before." I said thinking of all the times she tourtured and copied me. I am kinda popular if you might say. Kalel loved to challenge me in everything. We usally tied, but this time she won the guy of my dreams. "Whatever, she is gonna kill you tommorow, if the word spreads. Adori said to scare me. But, It wasn't really my fault. We just got stuck together in home economics. I was just playing a ordinary mother and he the father of the electronic baby. I am not going to lie, I used our project to make Kalel angry. But, little did I know it would work!

As soon as we got paired up Anthony asked if I wanted to come over. I said yes, I mean how could I say no to Anthony Padilla! So I went over later that afternoon. I rang the door and not too long after he grabed my hand and escorted my to his room. I saw his mom on the way but, I dont think she cared about the female visitor who was not his girlfriend. His room had a cat poster, I giggled at it a bit. He turned me around and looked me straight in the eyes and said "Tell no one of this cat poster. Got it!" I was pretty freaked out and my eyes got wide, so I just nodded. His serious face turned into a smirk and he laughed "You just had the most hailarious reaction!" So we sat down on the bed and I took the baby out. I was pretty nervous cause he had a cute smile on his face, so I said "Sooo baby time I guess." He interupted me smiling "His name is granpa, your a stay at home mom and I work as a director for Viacom incorrperated." I could not help but laugh! He looked at me as if he was obsivirving me "You should laugh more, it makes you look cute." He said to me. "What about Kalel." I said scaredly. "Oh yes, my stick in the mud girlfriend." He smiled again "I dont know why she hates you, your pretty cool." Before I could ask him why he got his laptop. He sat it in my lap and wrapped his arm around me. I looked up at his face, once more he smiled. "Search parenting on google."
He said. The first result was a romance blog. I began to read what it said in my head and I blushed. "So we need to share feelings and be romantic." He squezzed me tight and said "I think your really sweet and cute." I tried to reply ,but he pushed me head toward his and he kissed me. I was astonished , but after awhile I went with the flow. He released my hips and said "So I guess we are the ultimate parents of Grandpa Padilla." All I could do was smile. I stole my rivals man and had and awsome kissing session. I like to think we had a really awesome spark.

head and suddenly I blushed. "So in order for us to be close as parents we should share feeling and be romantic." He said staring at the screen. I tried to speak ,but he stopped me. "We


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