Swim, Drown, Soar ~ Andrew McMahon

This was a story I started for LovesMusic4Ever's contest that's going around. It's gonna be a little wirey but I'm fixing it and getting it to the right place, so it'll have a happy ending.
P.s. It is a love story but the girl character is completely made up. Enjoy anyway!
P.P.S. I really hope you liked it, because it was brilliant to write!

Chapter 1

The Witch Is Dead

Skip, skipping, skipping, tripping, getting up and running.
"Keep up Andy!" I shouted behind me, watching my friend drag his feet and stare at the ground hopelessly.
He looked up at me with those pretty blue eyes and the cute chubby cheeks. "I don't feel like it Emmie."
I stopped and sighed, waiting for him to catch up. "Let's sing a song then." I pleaded, watching him stare down at the concrete some more.
"Ding dong the witch is dead." He grumbled lowly.
I sighed and knew it was getting deeper, this mood of his. I liked to think that for an eight year old I could read people pretty well, especially Andy. "Is it your mommy again?" I ask.
He shook his head. "Oh God no, I just don't feel good."
"Do your fingers still hurt?" I asked.
He nodded slowly and clenched his fists. "I dont think I like playing iano as much as I thought I would."
I laughed, "It sounds really great Andy." I took his hand in mine to look at his fingers. "I really like it when you play. It's beautiful."
"Thanks Emmie but I dont know if this is what I want to do." He sighed. "As long as it makes everyone happy I think I should."
"Dont." I paused before grabbing his forearm and yanking him backwards. "Your gonna walk into the cross road."
We both giggled.
"But it's not making you happy," He shook his head. "So why bother?"
He looked simply flabbergasted. He was two years older and lacking in so much, maybe in my eyes only but I liked to think I was his best friend so it didnt matter what he was lacking in other peoples eyes.
"Yeah." He nodded.

I didn't hear from him for a week. It was summer vacation so I guess it was normal but he was supposed to be there for me, you know?
Right then, after exactly a week, I was sitting on the swing set watching my shoes. They weren't exciting, actually they were probably at least two sizes small and boys shoes but they worked and were all we could afford so it didnt matter too much.
I looked back up to see another girl, probably Andy's age, walking with her mom. I wished I could take her place, take her mom and make her mine because now I was alone.
Now I didn't have anyone to call my own-
"Hi Emmie. What are you doin' here?" He pulled my hat off from behind.
I shook my head, "Go away Andy. Leave."
"What?" He laughed, putting my hat on backwards and sitting at my feet.
He looked up at me with those big blue eyes and a puppy dog face that could make me bawl my eyes out. "I said go away Ross."
He started to grind his teeth. "Dont call me that."
"Then go away!" I shouted, kicking dust up around us.
He didnt move, just let the dust settle because he knew I was anything but violent when I was moody. He knew that I needed him, not the oposite way around.
"Can I buy you a soda?" He asks, getting up and offering me a hand.
I slowly nodded and got up too, "It's mommy?"
"Yeah." He nods, knowing I didn't mean it to be a question.
I nodded too, swallowing with a mouthful of dusty grit. "She's gone too?"
"Cream soda, right?" He asked, pulling me along side him.
I was just robotic. Nothing mattered now that I was alone. Daddy was gone, who knew where he was? Mommy was.... she was with grandma and grandpa and uncle Benny. I was alone and for now Andy was trying to fix it.
I cant remember walking to the pizza place but I remember being there and sitting so pressed up against the wall that Andy had no choice but to worry. After all, I was claustrophobic.
"You can stay with me." He nodded, pushing the soda closer to me.
I shook my head, "You dont need me take up more space."
"Taking." He corrected.
I nodded. "Lo siento."
"No problem." He sighed.
Spanish was normal. Mom... she spoke it when she was alive. She understood English she just couldn't speak it so I was translating and Andy was never missing a beat. He caught on to the little things I said too but he didn't really understand. Not for now he didnt.
"Youre always saying she holds you back. Now you can be happy, right?" He asks nervously.
"But I love her Andy. She's my mommy."
"Loved." He corrected.
I shook my head. "I love her. I always will because you never stop loving anybody. You either love them forever or never loved them to begin with."

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