Stay Gold (An Outsiders Fanfic)

Stay Gold (An Outsiders Fanfic)


Chapter 1

Rose- Welcome to my hellhole... A.K.A Life

Look Alike- Mila Kunis

You know what I wonder every day? Why the hell did America have to get involved with a war that was in Korea. Why did we have to stick our curious azzes over there when they're there. We're here. If we didn't get involved in that stupid azz war, my father would have life. I would have a life. Mom wouldn't be a cheap bar maid who works three jobs, my big brother Dally wouldn't be in jail, I wouldn't be working in the DX to pay for his bail. Dad brought us all down with him, not just financially, but spiritually too. This is how I'll start my story. With everything I lost. Becuase someone once said "We are defined not by the things we have, but how we handle the things we lost" If this is true the Winston's are a bunch os sissy's. Yeah, calling Dallas Winston a sissy? Whoever made that quote better look out. Because my brothers a hood, he never used to be. Though before I didn't try to hide. I didn't purposfuly fail tests just to fit in with the family I have. No, I aced everything with an IQ of 365. Though I can't risk losing my 'family'. Then I'd really have nothing...
"Rose? Roooose?" I hear Soda laughing. I have a tendency to do that, day dream. I loose all sense of time. I just...Well dream.
"Oh sorry" I say laughing too. He's the only one who can do that to me. Make me smile, make me forget how pathetic my life is.
"Do you have the wrench? I swear shiit's just going missing!" He says annoyed. Soda doesn't curse much, so this must really be buggin him.
"You know when Two-Bit's drunk he just snags everything" I say laughing. He nods smirking.
"You mean the DX theif?" Steve says walking up to us with what seems to be a permenent oil stain on his cheek.
"I think it's Two-Bit, and I'll stay by that five bucks" We made a little bet who the 'DX theif' was. Soda said Toni (Diana_Was_Her's character), Steve said it was Dally, and I concluded it was Two-Bit.
"Who the hell would want a wrench " Soda said as though talking to the tools.
"You ask em Peps" I say rolling my eyes. He looked at the pieces of metal determined.
"Where'd you see the wrench last." he asked.
"Well it was on the-" I begin.
"Uh, I wasn't asking you" He said annoyed. I turn around slowly to see him looking hard at the unliving tools.
"Alright, I think these fumes are getting to you" I say chucklig. I mindlessy strum my fingers along the table.
If I strum five times each minute, by the end of my shift I will acomplish
567 strums. 567x24= 56760..../
"Rose, what are you thinkin bout?" Soda asks, I can hear he's about to laugh.
"The sound of my fingers" I say dumbly. If only he knew...
"So, I hear everyones headed to the movies tonight... You in?" He asks swinging around an oil filled rag.
"Uh, maybe... What are we seeing?" I ask trying to get the math out of my head.
"Well we wanted to see that new movie Jaws but Sandy hates sharks" He says chucking. Ugh, her. Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with Sandy it's just I alwasy feel like such a third wheel with them.
"Maybe" I repeat. He groans understanding and we continue in peace. Every now and then we crack some jokes and laugh but besides that, I'm happy in my quiet solitude.

Okay so I'm obsessed with Polyvore and made a set with like an overview of her style and stuff :) Also, please if you read pleeeeeeease comment and rate! Also everytime you come to read can you make a new tag? Tehe I think it's cute when a story has like sooo many tage ;D yup so please check out the link down there and I hope you enjoyed! Luna out xD

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