Veela's Song (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I didn't make up this Story I found it on Fanfiction but its really good so I wanted to share it with you guys. The authors name is SeekerLuna. If you are her and you read this story please know I mean no harm and just want to share your talents with the other Users.


Chapter 1

Mate's Song

"Mother... why must I return?" Tara asked her mother, shifting uncomfortably. "I don't want to go back! I-I can't!" She ran a pale hand through silky blonde tresses and tugged, feeling a slight ache in her scalp as she did so.

"Tara, I do wish you would stop you whining," Her mother sighed. "I've already spoken with the Headmaster and he understands that you will need some arrangements made for you this year," Tara scowled. So now she was going to be treated differently? Great! Just bloody great! It was bad enough that she was partly Veela, and had to hide it, but now the entire d@mned school would know! This had Tara tugging at her hair even more. "Stop it," Her mother slapped at her hands. "No one will know, now stop your worrying. In the eyes of the other students, you're still a Pure-blood witch," Tara nodded slowly, lowering her hands. "Just act as you always do, alright?" She nodded again.

"Yes, mother," She whispered. The woman kissed her daughters head and left the room to prepare. In just a day, Tara would be turning 17, which meant she would be coming into her inheritance as a Veela. She'd known since she was young that she was Veela and what it meant for her when her 17th birthday came around. She'd been told she would physically change to accomadate whoever her mate was to be and her wings would grow, which, to Tara, sounded much more painful than her bones and body changing. The young witch curled up on her bed, hugging her knee's to her chest as she stared blankly at the wall. She hoped that whoever her mate was, that they would accept her.. she feared being rejected by her mate. If a Veela's mate were to reject them the Veela would fall into despair and eventually die. Or they could beg for death from the person who rejected them.

All I can do is wait... She thought with a sigh. Worst of all, she would be at school looking for her mate. Tara closed her eyes against the thoughts and laid down, curled up like she would do as a child, and forced herself to sleep.


Tara awoke the next day to a horrible knot of anxiety forming in her stomach. She whimpered and curled up, wrapping her arms around her mid-section as though she were feeling terrible menstural cramps.

"Mother," She whimpered out, mentally kicking herself for showing such a weakness. Gathering enough strength to move her limbs, Tara half crawled, half dragged herself to the edge of the bed before she fell off and onto the floor, landing hard on her side. She cried out in pain and curled up again, wrapping her arms around herself. Her mother and father rushed in with a house elf that carried various potions to no doubt help her with the pain.

"Shh, it's okay," Her mother cooed softly and picked her up, setting her on the bed.

"Tara, what hurts?" Her father asked, stroking his daughters hair as he sat on her other side. Tyler Savage was one-quarter Veela, unlike his wife and daughter who were more than half, so he had passed the gene onto his daughter. He knew what to expect during the Change and cringed, soon they wouldn't even be able to touch their precious Tara without causing her pain. He'd mentally prepared himself for this moment since the day she was born and announced to be Veela, but it still did nothing to calm his nerves as he watched his little girl whimper in pain.

"Everything," She bit out, trying her hardest not to cry. Tyler looked at Aria and they both knew their daughter was in for quite literally, heIl. Minutes ticked by and turned into hours as the slow transformation took hold of the young girl. Aria winced when she heard the bones begin to crack and snap, signaling the beginning of her bodily changes. She looked at her husband who nodded and lifted Tara's head, pouring a numbing potion down her throat to sooth her pain. It helped little though as the girl screamed in pain. Unable to bare seeing her daughter in pain, Aria cast a sleeping spell on her and sighed as she calmed down and began to rest.

"We'll have to wake her up again once this part is over," Tyler sighed, putting a cool cloth on Tara's forehead.

"I know," Aria murmured. The pair sat in silence for some time, wincing every now and then when they heard the stomach churning sound of their daughters bones crunching and reforming. After what seemed like ages, the sounds finally stopped and the pair took a quick moment to survey what had changed about their daughter. She was a bit shorter, about 5'4 now where as she was normally about 5'9, quite tall for a girl her age. Well.. she had always wished she were shorter..

"Let's wake her," Tyler whispered. Aria nodded and they both awoke Tara, who groaned as she became conscious again.

"Mum, I feel very sore," She whispered.

"I know sweety," She smiled weakly. "Just a few more hours, and you'll be able to sleep again, alright?" Tara only nodded, wincing as she did so. "During this next stage, it is important you stay awake," She saw her daughters blue eyes widen in panic. "It's for a great reason, my dear, if you were unconscious, you would interrupt the process," Tara nodded meekly. "You need to sing, Tara," Now this confused her. Veela never sang unless it was for a good reason... They only sang at weddings, and other special occasions, and even then, a Veela's song was special and those who heard it were instantly entrapped in it's tale. A Veela who has just come into his or her inheritance never sings until they have bonded to their mate. Before they are of age, Veela are taught traditional songs that sing with family and friends when they gather.

"Why... do I have to sing?" Tara questioned.

"So you can call out to your mate," Tyler smiled. "When I heard your mothers song, I fell for her instantly," He chuckled at the memory. "And that was before I even met her!"

"When you sing, it alerts your mate that you are almost ready," Aria told her. "Your chosen will be the only one who can hear your song, and from then on, they will recognize only your voice."

"How will I know who has heard my song?" Tara asked in a soft voice, already preparing to sing.

"Once you end your song, you will have a vision of who your mate is," Aria smiled. "It could be anything, eyes, facial features, body, something symbolic that represents them.. anything," She chuckled, blushing as she remembered her own vision.

"O-okay," Tara blushed and closed her eyes as she began to sing softly. Her parents smiled, knowing the song by heart even though they could not hear as their daughter sang. Tara let herself relax as she sang, smiling even through the slight pain she felt. In truth, she loved singing, especially in the language of old that was only known to the Veela. After a few minutes, her song came to an end and she opened her eyes only to close them a moment later. She gasped as she saw a vision, though she frowned when she did not see a face. Instead.. she saw colors, in particular, green and silver... then she saw it. The crest of her own house at Hogwarts... Slytherin.

"Mum... my... my mate, he's in Slytherin," Tara whispered, heart racing. Aria smiled at this.

"Well, at least you don't have to search the entire school for your mate," She smiled. "Knowing you're in the same house should make it easier," If only that were true. "And now my dear... more pain I'm afraid," Tara's eyes widened.

"My wings.." She managed to squeak out. Tyler and Aria nodded and sat back, knowing there was nothing they could do to numb the pain of this phase in her transformation. Tara groaned and turned onto her stomach, clenching the bed covers to the point she thought they would tear as pain raced through her body. She let out a heart wrenching cry as the space between her shoulder blades began to ache and hurt. Suddenly, she felt the skin break in two places and she screamed again. Soon, she felt the bones begin to emerge and writhed in pain as they burst from her back. The white bone stuck straight out and her parents watched as the bloody apendages soon became covered in beautiful black feathers. Aria reached out just to make sure her wings were fine and withdrew her hand immediately when her daughter screamed in pain. The sound faded and Tara collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

"Pull your wings back in and you can go to sleep," Aria told her. Tara did so, her body shivering when she felt her wings slide back into her body. Tyler gave his daughter a sleeping potion and they covered her up, leaving her room.


A month later found Malfoy Manor echoing with the strangled screams of pain from none other than Draco Malfoy. He clawed at his bed sheets, tearing some parts as he desperately clung to anything he could hold onto as pain seared through his body.

"Stay still, Draco," Severus snapped at him. The young Malfoy heir snarled in pain but did as he said as best his body would allow. His father had warned him it would hurt but... Bloody freaking Merlin! It was unbearable! He felt like he was dying! Severus did all he could to numb the boys pain but it didn't seem to be working very well. Perhaps the Veela did not want him to be numb to the pain.. Draco screamed and arched as his bones shifted and cracked, reforming to make him taller. His muscles began to change as well, popping and twisting as they changed to accommodate the Change. He would be leaner, stronger, taller, all in order to protect his mate.

It was not long before the pain receded and Lucius walked in; like his son, he too was Veela. Draco looked up at his father, gray eyes burning with anger.

"I know you do so hate this but.. you have to sing, Draco," Lucius told him. The young heirs jaw dropped and he snapped it shut, growling.

"I refuse to do that!" He bit out.

"It's in order for your mate to recognize your voice," The older man told him. "Go on, Draco, sing," He smirked. The young Slytherin glared but began to sing anyway, slipping into the Veela language. Everyone knew Draco had an excellent singing voice but no one knew how beautiful it was when he sang like this. The song came to an end and he gasped, shutting his eyes. "What do you see?" Lucius asked him.

"Eyes... crystal blue, almost like the purest of lakes," Draco murmured. He'd heard a voice two months ago but he couldn't recognize it..hopefully she was easy to find.

"Just keep that in mind along with her voice," Severus told him. "Whatever you do... do NOT jump at her, you might scare her," Draco glared but nodded. Both men watched as the boy turned over and began to writhe again, clawing at the bed sheets as his wings grew. Once this was done and he withdrew them, he was allowed to sleep, dreaming of who his mate would be.

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