Veela's Song (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I didn't make up this Story I found it on Fanfiction but its really good so I wanted to share it with you guys. The authors name is SeekerLuna. If you are her and you read this story please know I mean no harm and just want to share your talents with the other Users.


Chapter 2

Encounter In The Pit

Tara waved to her parents as they arrived on the platform for the Hogwarts Express and sighed, her body giving a visible shiver as she made her way towards it.

He's close.. She thought, chancing a look around. But.. no one caught her eye. Though there were a few people staring, shocked by how she'd changed over the summer. Tara ignored them and boarded the train, going to the very back compartment she could find. It would be a disaster if she found her mate on the train! She'd want nothing more than to jump him and... and.. oh Merlin.. she didn't even want to think about it. Sitting down, she sighed and closed her eyes, wanting nothing more than to rest and sleep through the train ride.

Elsewhere, Blaise and some other Slytherin's were having trouble keeping Draco under control. He was fidgeting in his seat, tapping his toes, his eyes darting about as he growled.

"She's close by," He mumbled. "I must find her," He got up but Crabbe and Goyle pulled him back down.

"Malfoy, do calm down," Blaise rolled his eyes. "You'll have your chance to find her after the Feast or even before," Draco turned his gray eyes to him and Blaise had to suppress a shudder. Veela were a stubborn lot..

"No, I will not come down, nor will I wait!" He tried standing again, this time putting up more of a fight against his two lackey's. Everyone noticed the change in the Malfoy heir, he was taller and had become quite handsome after coming into his inheritance.

"Alright, you forced this on yourself," Blaise knocked him out with a quick spell. He sighed and looked outside, this year was going to be quite an interesting one.


Tara got off the train as fast as she could, her forehead covered in sweat. She'd caught the scent of her mate, it was spicy, bitter almost, and it made her shiver oh so deliciously. She wished she could skip past the Feast and go straight to the Pit.. she just wanted to curl up and stay there until the other Slytherin's arrived. But alas, fate had other plans as she sat down amongst her class mates in the Great Hall. A shiver shot through her body and her eyes darted about nervously. Wait... since when was she ever nervous?

I hate this.. She thought miserably. As the Headmaster spoke, she completely zoned out and only looked up when the food appeared. She wasn't horribly hungry, she realized, and only ate very little. Her classmates seemed to notice and snorted, but they couldn't help but stare, awed by her change. She fidgeted and looked up, glaring. "Sod off you lot," She growled at them. Immediately, everyone looked away and she smirked, at least that hadn't changed.

"Hey, Savage," Aaron, a student in her year, grinned at her and she narrowed her eyes.

"Get away from me," She growled at him. This didn't seem to bother the boy and he grabbed her wrist.. it was unfortunately uncovered and when his skin made contact with hers she began to whimper and tug. "S-stop it!" She hissed out, trying her best not to Trill. If she did, it would alert her mate, who she suspected was close by, to the fact that she was in possible danger. She continued struggling but the boy held on tightly, grinning at her. Before she realized what happened, she'd let out a small Trill of pain and suddenly broke free. She stood and stormed from the Great Hall, holding her injured wrist. He'd held on too long.. it was now red and irritated. Severus saw her leave and murmured to the headmaster before following her, catching one student's attention in particular. He caught up to Tara and grasped her shoulder, stopping her.

"Your wrist," He demanded.

"I'm fine, Professor," She whispered.

"Do not make me repeat myself," He told her in a cold voice. Tara showed him her wrist and he looked at her. "Veela?" She nodded, looking down. "Your secret is safe with me... there is also another Veela here in this school at this very moment but I am not, under any circumstance, allowed to reveal their identity."

"Of course," She scoffed. "May I just go to the common room? I don't wish to be around anyone else.."

"Yes, you may. I suggest taking care of your wrist while you are at it," Tara nodded and scurried off, now wondering who the other Veela was.

Maybe they are my mate. She smiled at the thought. Once in the Pit, she went to the girls dormitory to change into her night clothes and returned to the common room to read for a while. She stiffened when she heard the stone move and swiveled around, watching as the other Slytherin students began to arrive. With their arrival, came the scent of her mate, much stronger than on the train. It made her shiver and groan softly and she hide deeper into the couch she sat on.

"And where did you go during the Feast?" That voice..! She looked up, looking into the pale, handsome face of none other than Draco Malfoy. He had certainly matured over the summer, he'd gotten taller.. and from he looks of it, physically stronger. There was an air about him that screamed 'bow down and worship me' but that only seemed to be normal for him.. he was always like that.

"I came here," She muttered, holding her breath. With him so close, it was starting to become hard to breathe. Malfoy stared into her eyes and his own suddenly widened.

"No bloody way..." He whispered. "You're my mate!" He pointed an accusing finger at her and Tara actually squeaked.

"I... I have to go!" Dodging away from the Slytherin Prince, Tara darted back up to the girls dormitory and jumped into her bed, heart pounding. She wasn't aware that Pansy had seen her.

"Tara, what's wrong?" She asked, sitting next to her. She reached out and touched her hand, earning a hiss of pain. "Oh my... you... you're a Veela?" She gasped, eyes wide.

"Please don't tell anyone!" She begged.

"Of course not," She giggled. "Have you figured out who your mate is? You've obviously come into your inheritance," She smiled. Tara nodded, blushing uncharacteristically. "Well? Who is it! Spill, girl."

"Its... its Malfoy," She squeaked out. Pansy's eyes widened.

"As in Draco Malfoy?" Tara nodded and Pansy squealed. "Does he know?"

"I think he does... he cornered me in the common room and.. he said I was his mate... I think he might be Veela too." She looked down a bit.

"Draco? Veela? I would have never guessed," Pansy tittered, smiling. "It's quite possible though," Tara nodded, though she wished it weren't true. "Is there any way to be sure?"

"I... I could sing," She told her friend. "Can you see if Draco has gone to his dorm? I'll go to the commons and sing... and if he comes... then we'll know for sure." Pansy nodded and raced down to the commons and returned a few short moments later.

"He's gone," She announced cheerily. Tara nodded and went down to the commons with her.

"Stay here, please?" She whispered. Pansy nodded, knowing that if Draco came to them, she would have to get Tara away from him quickly. She didn't need the Malfoy heir molesting her best friend in the commons. Pansy gave her a smile as Tara sat down and took a deep breath and began to sing. Tara realized Pansy could hear and changed how she was singing so that only her mate would hear. The other girl kept watch in case Draco showed up and gave a disappointed look when he did not.

"Maybe its not him..." She sighed. She looked at Tara and got an idea. "Hey, Tara, will he come if he hears you Trill?"

"He.. he might," She nodded. Pansy's hand shot out and grabbed Tara's injured wrist. The other girl resisted letting out a Trill and Pansy saw this.

"If you don't Trill, we'll never know," She frowned, her other hand grabbing Tara's other wrist. That was it, Tara let out a loud, pained Trill that only her mate would hear.

"Pansy, release her!" That voice sounded and Pansy immediately backed off. Tara curled up, hiding her wrists as Draco descended the stairs from the boys' dorm. "You should know better then to make a Veela release its Trill like that," He snapped at the girl. "Prolonged touch to the skin from people other than their mate can seriously hurt a Veela," He had such knowledge of the Veela race...

"Pansy.. I want to talk to Malfoy alone," Tara suddenly said. The black haired girl gave her a look and soon scurried away.

"Let me see your wrists," Draco demanded, now standing before her. Biting her lip, Tara showed him her wrists, gasping when his long fingers wrapped around the irritated flesh.

"S-stop..!" She gasped, expecting it to hurt. When no pain shot through her body, Tara peered up at the Malfoy heir curiously.

"Does it hurt still?" He muttered, fingers rubbing at her wrists. Tara shook her head and he grinned. "It's true then, we're mates."

"Why of all people did it have to be you?" Tara muttered bitterly.

"Got a problem with that, Savage?" Draco sneered, applying a small amount of pressure to her wrists. The slightly older girl gasped and whimpered, making the blonde regret his actions. Veela could not hurt their mates in anyway...

"Let go," She begged, tugging at her wrists. Instead of letting go, Tara soon found herself seated in his lap, one of his arms wrapped around her waist as though it were natural for him to do so. The blonde female felt heat spread and her face flush in embarrassment. She hated to admit it but.. she felt totally at ease in Draco's arms, again, almost like it were natural for her.

"I never expected my mate to be someone in my own house," Draco chuckled, his silver eyes drinking in Tara's form in his lap.

"I knew they would be in Slytherin, I saw it in my vision," Tara admitted, almost cuddling closer to the warmth of the others body.

"Father will be pleased when I tell him how quickly I found you," He smirked at her. "You realize that now that I've found and recognized you as my mate, you won't be left alone, right?"

"I know that!" She hissed at him. Draco tucked her head under his chin and wrapped both arms around her while she clung to his silk night shirt.

"Mate," He murmured softly, trying to get her attention. Tara blushed at the endearment and hide against his neck, making him squirm. A Veela's neck was quite possibly the most sensitive part of their bodies, especially after they've been marked.

"Don't call me that... I haven't accepted you yet," She mumbled.

"Whether or not you've accepted me doesn't matter, Tara," He reminded her. "We're drawn to each other, no matter how much you want to fight it, you cannot."

"Stop telling me things I already know!" She hit his shoulder and winced. "Sorry..." She looked down and was a little surprised when the Malfoy heir nuzzled into her hair.

"You're too stubborn for your own good," He laughed. That sound made Tara's whole body feel warm, it was such a brilliant and joyous sound.. unlike any she'd ever heard before. She liked it better than singing and wished she could hear Draco laugh so carefree more.

"You should laugh more, Malfoy," She murmured tiredly.

"For you only," He smirked. "We should get to sleep, don't want the Prefects or Snape coming in and seeing us."

"That would be a bloody freaking disaster," She muttered. Draco glared and Tara knew instantly that he was going to say something.

"Never thought I'd see the day that Tara Savage swore," He grinned then and Tara relaxed.

"Get used to it, Malfoy," She grinned back. She squirmed out of his lap but the taller blonde pulled her into a hug as they stood.

"Stay out of trouble you hear?" He told her, voice muffled by her hair.

"I'll try," She promised.

"Don't 'try', you had better stay out of trouble if you know what's good for you," He growled and Tara shivered, knowing he meant it.

"Yes, mother," She teased. Draco growled again and tightened his arms around her. Tara allowed herself to be pulled closer to the Slytherin Prince and blushed when he dropped a soft kiss on her head.

"One of these days, I will have you, Savage," He whispered in her ear. To a Veela, the first kiss was the most important step in claiming a mate, and it showed trust between them. Tara didn't trust Draco yet and he knew she didn't but he would be damned if he ever forced her into kissing him. But the Veela in him was hard to control in the presence of its mate and it was roaring to be free and to claim her. He was sure Tara felt the same, as she was Veela as well. The girl in his arms leaned in close, inhaling deeply, taking in his scent.

"Sing for me?" She whispered, looking up at him with pleading blue eyes.

"Tara..." He shifted, not sure if he should. He continued staring into her eyes and he hated to admit it but.. Merlin... who was he to deny her the sound of his voice? "Fine, just this once," Draco's eyes actually twinkled as he began to sing for his mate. Tara closed her eyes and listened, refraining from joining him in song. The joint singing of two Veela was a powerful thing, enough to pull anyone within hearing range into it's calming sound. When Draco finished, he found that Tara had fallen asleep whilst listening to him sing and nearly panicked. How on earth was he going to get her into the girls' dorm?

"Draco, what are you doing out of bed?" And it just got worse...

The idea of the Trill was inspired by another, lovely Veela fic I read once I remember the title I put it. Be warned though, it's yaoi lol. I do hope she doesn't mind me borrowing her idea.

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