Veela's Song (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I didn't make up this Story I found it on Fanfiction but its really good so I wanted to share it with you guys. The authors name is SeekerLuna. If you are her and you read this story please know I mean no harm and just want to share your talents with the other Users.


Chapter 3

A Good Night's Rest

"Draco, what are you doing out of bed?" The young Malfoy turned his head to see Severus and looked down at Tara in his arms. He shifted her body and picked her up as one would do his bride, holding her close.

"Sev... she's my mate," He whispered to his godfather. "What am I supposed to do? I bloody well can't take her to her dorms," His lips twisted into a frown.

"The Headmaster has requested you to in his office," Severus told him. Draco's frown deepened but he nodded and apparated there with the Potions master. It would have been odd to see him walking about the castle after hours with Tara in his arms.

"Mr. Malfoy," The old wizard nodded to him, a smile tugging at his lips when he saw Tara's sleeping form. "It's come to my attention that you and Ms. Savage there are both of Veela blood and have come into your inheritance," Draco nodded. "For this reason, you two will be moved to a hidden room, to help ease your anxieties of being away from your mate, as it so seems that you two are fated."

"Sir, I don't understand," The Malfoy heir's brows knitted in confusion. Were he and Tara being allowed to... share a room together?

"In the history of Hogwarts, we've had many Veela attend and find their mate amongst the other students so in order to accommodate them, we created a secret room only accessible to the pair, should they want to use it," Dumbledore explained, saying it like a well rehearsed speech. "I realize that you both are in Slytherin House but the fact remains that you've identified each other and thus the separation would start to eat away at your conscious and prevent a good nights sleep; which is something I'm sure neither of you would want," Draco nodded and sat down, still cradling Tara in his arms as though she were a small child. Severus took note of this and had to hide a smile, his godson was finally opening up. "Now the question is, would you be alright moving into the room?"

"Of course I would," Draco snapped, his normal Malfoy mask back in place.

"If you would, please wake Ms. Savage," Severus watched as Draco's face twisted into a scowl, not liking the idea of waking the girl in his arms. "She must have a say in this as well," At this, the boy relented and gently shook his mate. Tara mumbled angrily and curled up more in his arms, earning a hearty chuckle from the icy Slytherin boy. He shook her again and she growled a warning at him.

"Mate, get up, Headmaster wants to ask you something," He felt her stiffen and immediately moved the hand that wrapped around her back to her shoulders, squeezing softly.

"Y-yes, sir?" She managed to squeak out, scowling at her own voice.

"I was just explaining to Mr. Malfoy about a special room we have for the two of you," He told her. "If you would be more comfortable now that you've found your mate, you and him may move into this room together."

"I'd... I'd like that," She told him. "It'll help with a lot of things," Dumbledore nodded in agreement.

"We'll have your things moved into the room as soon as possible," He told them. "You may apparate there now if you wish. Severus will take you there," The Potions master nodded and held out his arm. Draco and Tara took hold and in a flash, they were gone. Tara curled up in Draco's arms when they arrived and clung to him tiredly. Severus watched them for a silent moment.

"Be sure to be down for classes in the morning," He told them. "And, Draco-" The young Slytherin looked at him. "Do behave," A slow grin worked across those lips.

"Of course, Sev," He said. With that the man left. Draco carried Tara to the room to his left, blinking a little as the torches around the room flared to life.

"I do hope that only happens when you enter the room at night," He mumbled to himself, thinking of how annoying such a thing could be. He set his mate down on the ornate king sized bed and looked around the room, vaguely wondering why the Headmaster would go to such lengths. He felt Tara shift beside him and placed a hand on her cheek, calming her. "So.. you're my mate... I suppose I can live with that," He murmured, stroking her cheek. "In time, you'll learn to love me without just feeling you need to because of the Veela blood in us." As mates, the Veela in them was drawn to the other, making them love their mate. They committed themselves to them and could never cheat or lie, doing so would be disastrous. The bond between them wouldn't allow it anyway.

"Draco..." Tara sighed his name and the Slytherin Prince felt himself shiver as he pulled his hand away. Her eyes fluttered open and crystal blue met unearthly silver. Time seemed to stop as they gazed into each others eyes and it seemed like eternity before either of them moved. Draco was the first to break free of the unspoken spell that held them still and leaned down, placing his forehead against Tara's. The girl let out an unintentional mewl at the blissful feeling of her mate's skin against her own. Even Draco's breath caught at the feeling. "This feels nice," She murmured, gazing into his eyes again.

"Yeah, it does," He whispered in agreement. Draco took in her scent, smiling to himself. She smelled of sweet honey and the most expensive of roses. He would never get enough of it. The young Slytherin shifted his body and settled himself over the shorter female, causing a blush to rise on her pale cheeks. Draco couldn't help but think how cute she looked. Since when do I think things are cute? He mentally scolded himself as he continued looking down at his mate. Tara slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, threading her fingers through silk blonde locks at the back of his neck. Draco visibly shuddered and growled at her. The girl looked down and pulled him close, burying her face against the crook of his neck almost happily.

"If there is another room, I suggest you go to it, Malfoy," Great, she was back to calling him Malfoy. And here he thought they'd made a small break through.

"Why?" He demanded, frowning.

"I'm not ready to share a bed yet," She mumbled against his neck. That was all? The Malfoy heir snorted and wrapped his arms around Tara.

"You scared I'll do something?" He grumbled unhappily, holding her close.

"No, I bloody well am not scared!" She cried out, the sound muffled, her fingers tightening in his hair.

"You're a bad liar, Savage," He pointed out. Tara scowled against his neck, making him shiver. "Stop that."

"Then let me go," She mumbled tiredly.

"Not going to happen," He told her, hugging her close.

"If you touch me in any inappropriate way, and you will find yourself kicked out of this bed, Malfoy," She warned him.

"Ah, now you're back to your feisty self," He smirked. "Lets get some sleep, I'm exhausted!" Tara nodded in agreement and squeaked when Draco moved pulling her back flush against his chest. She bit her lip, restraining any sounds when she felt the heat of his body through their clothes. It didn't help that her back was against that firm chest and his body was spooned against hers. One strong arm wrapped itself around her waist, holding her close while the other slipped under the pillow. Her head was tucked under his chin again and they slowly relaxed as the torches blew themselves out. "Good night, mate."

"Stop calling me that," She mumbled, stifling a yawn though it escaped.

"Would you prefer me calling you Tara?" He whispered in her ear before yawning as well.

"For now, that works," She whispered back, slowly succumbing to the darkness of sleep.

"Good," He murmured, falling asleep. For the first time in months, Draco slept peacefully, his worries washed away.

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