Veela's Song (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I didn't make up this Story I found it on Fanfiction but its really good so I wanted to share it with you guys. The authors name is SeekerLuna. If you are her and you read this story please know I mean no harm and just want to share your talents with the other Users.


Chapter 5

Malfoy Manor

The first few months were awkward and fun with Draco, as Tara had told Pansy once. With Harry and his gang of friends missing, she didn't have to worry about him getting into fights with the Chosen One during school. Finally, it came time for Draco to take Tara to Malfoy Manor for the first time and to say he was nervous was an understatement. Tara's family had met and spoke with his family a few days before their arrival so that relieved their anxieties but neither could settle down on the way to the Manor.

"Just stay calm," Draco told her.

"Perhaps you should take your own advice," She mumbled against his shoulder. She was currently seated in his lap, her 'normal' seat as of late as Draco had taken up the habit of pulling her into his lap at random moments, proclaiming he was cold. Tara had eventually given up on arguing with him and let him do as he pleased most times.

"Oh do be quiet," He smiled teasingly. The carriage arrived at Malfoy Manor and they both took a deep breath before the door opened and they got out. Draco held her hand, smiling when she didn't try to stop him and led her inside the Manor where they were greeted by Narcissa and Lucius. The older woman surprised the two teens by pulling them into a heart warming hug to which they hugged back with matching smiles. Once Narcissa released them, they exchanged quick greetings with Lucius before Draco impatiently dragged his mate away to give her a tour of the Manor. Should she by some chance become lost, she would at least know her way around.

"Malfoy Manor is amazing!" Tara breathed when Draco finally ended the private tour. Her mate smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Wait till you see my room," He whispered. "Alohomora," He whispered, unlocking the door. Tara didn't bother questioning him, he had his reasons for keeping his room locked up. Draco led her inside and smiled, relaxing once inside the all too familiar room that was his. Tara looked around, eyes widening at how lush and extravagant Draco's room was. Brilliant shades of dark blue painted the walls, so unlike him that she gave him a look. "It's my favorite color," He admitted. "Don't get me wrong, I love green and silver but dark blue has been a favorite of mine since I was a child."

"I believe you," She laughed. He had a large, four poster bed with the curtains pulled, though these were the dark green one saw in Slytherin. She could only guess what the color on the actual bed was... and she supposed she would find out later. Taking off her shoes, Tara walked on the plush, cream carpet that adorned the floor, which was different from the polished wood that made up the rest of the Manors' floors.

"Want to take a warm bath?" He asked, watching her as she explored his room.

"Together?" She squeaked out, looking at him with wide eyes.

"It would be a waste of water if we took separate bathes," He pointed out.

"Draco, we're in your parents' house!" She fretted. Draco rolled his eyes and walked towards her, giving her a reassuring look.

"It's fine, mate," He told her. "Mother and Father won't mind if we bathe together, it's only natural," Tara nodded shyly. Draco led her to the bathroom, which looked a lot like the one they had back at the school and began drawing a bath for them. Though he was usually against doing so himself, he would make an exception as he was trying to please his mate.

"You're trying way too hard, Malfoy," Tara smirked, teasing him. Draco's silver eyes found her crystal blue orbs and held her gaze as he growled and stalked towards her. He grabbed her by her hips and dragged her against his body, staring down at her with such intensity that Tara thought she might melt. "If you're trying to intimidate me, it's not working," She breathed out, keeping calm.

"Oh yeah?" He leaned closer to her. "Then why is it your heart is beating faster than a pixie's?" Tara felt her knee's begin to give out. "Care to explain?" Tara opened her mouth but only a small squeak came out, making her blush. Draco let out a bark of laughter at this. "If you really want, we can take separate baths." He saw a pout begin to tug at her lips and rolled his eyes. "I've spoiled you too much already, haven't I?" He groaned.

"No, you haven't," She laughed. "You've not spoiled me enough yet," At this, Draco let out a loud growl and picked Tara up, putting her over his shoulder as he strode into the bathroom. "Draco! You troll! Put me down!" She squealed, blushing heavily.

"You going to stop your whining?" He retorted, setting her down. Tara nodded, still blushing and hid her face against his chest. "Does it bother you that much that we'll be bathing together?"

"I'm not comfortable doing that here," Tara sighed. "It took me a while to get used to being in the same room with you at Hogwarts, and it took me even longer to get used to you joining me in the bath," She blushed again. "It'll take me a few days to get used to being with you here in the Manor.. lets just take things slow, yeah?"

"As you wish," He told her, kissing her cheek. "You can rest if you want to, I'll wake you up."

"Thanks, Draco," She smiled, hugged him and scurried back into his room, diving onto the bed after pushing the curtains aside. She sighed in bliss as she relaxed into the cloud like bed and immediately felt tired. Closing her eyes, Tara allowed herself to fall asleep, all of her worries pushed aside for the moment. In the bathroom though, Draco had stripped and gotten into the bath and now stared almost lifelessly at his left forearm. His gaze soon changed and he suddenly wished his eyes could burn a hole through his arm as he stared almost angrily at the Dark Mark. He hated that it branded his skin this way and he hated it even more that he had to keep it a secret from his mate. It was starting to tear at him... it felt like he was being hit by Sectumsempra again. Lying to ones mate eventually led to sickness for a Veela... he knew he couldn't keep this secret from her much longer.

Once he finished bathing, he got out and drained the tub before dressing in dress slacks and a button up shirt. Deciding against waking Tara, Draco went to find his parents instead, needing to talk to them about his problem.

"Draco? What's wrong?" Narcissa saw the look on her sons face and got up, looking into his eyes.

"I can't keep it from her much longer," He whispered. Narcissa looked at Lucius who knew how he felt.

"I know, Draco," He sighed. "Tell her when you're ready," The Malfoy heir nodded but it did little to sooth his now twisting gut. He felt as though he might become sick. "Go back to Tara and rest, you need it," Again he nodded and left, going back to his mate. Draco smiled when he pulled back the curtains of the bed. Tara was sprawled out, hugging a pillow to her chest, a serene look on her face. Crawling onto the bed, Draco carefully extracted the pillow and wrapped his arms around her, smiling in relief when she gripped at his shirt and curled close to his body, relaxing. He watched her for a while before deciding to wake her.

"Mate, wake up," He murmured, shaking her lightly. Tara slowly woke up and looked at him, her eyes silently telling him she didn't much like being woken. "Go take a bath, then you can come back to bed," She yawned and nodded, wiggling out of his arms. She got some clothes from her trunk, scowling when she realized she did not have much of a selection. Sighing, she picked out her clothes and went into the bathroom, drawing a warm bath for herself. Once she got in, she sat there, head tilted back and stared at the ceiling. She suddenly realized that bathing alone was boring and quite lonely. Pouting to herself, Tara soaked in the bath and washed up, hurriedly rinsing her hair before getting out and drying off. She got dressed and cast a simply spell to dry her hair before she drained the tub and went to join Draco in bed.

Said boy was fast asleep, though when Tara crawled onto the bed, his arms shot out and grabbed her by her waist, pulling her close.

"I hate that you can pull off faking sleep so well," Tara whined as she got comfortable in his arms again.

"I'm just that amazing," He grinned lazily. Yawning, the Malfoy heir curled around her and closed his eyes, actually tired. Tara smiled at this and closed her eyes as well, deciding it was best to get some more sleep.


It was later that night when the two Veela were woken by a house elf. The two slowly got up and untangled themselves from each others limbs and stretched. Once they were awake, they fixed their hair, as the house elf also told them to be presentable for supper and walked through the Manor together. Draco held his mate's hand, squeezing gently when he felt her grip loosen the closer they got to the dining room. They entered the room and Narcissa smiled at them. Draco led her to the table and pulled her chair out for her, receiving praise from his parents when he did so. The teen blushed and quickly sat down, holding Tara's hand under the table to keep her calm, though it was more to keep himself calm as well.

"I believe I should take Tara shopping tomorrow," Narcissa stated mid-way through supper. Draco nearly choked on his food and Tara patted his back as he coughed. Since when did his mother ever want to go shopping? "Don't give me that look, Draco," She scowled. "The girl is obviously in need of clothes while she stays here over the holidays. Her own mother even asked if I would take her to get new clothes," Now it was Tara's turn to nearly choke. Her mother had certainly taken a liking to the Malfoy's if she'd asked Narcissa to do such a thing.

"I think it's a splendid idea," Said Lucius, clearing his throat. "While the girls are out, I'll spend time with Draco," Now that, he was expecting. "A little time away from your mate is good, it gets you both used to the feeling should you get different jobs after leaving Hogwarts." The two teens nodded and continued eating. Tara ate very little during dessert, fearing that if she ate too much, she would somehow gain weight before the shopping trip the next day.

"Good night you two," Narcissa smiled after the table was cleared. The teens made their way back to Draco's room, silent as always and embraced each other once inside and the door was closed.

"Hopefully mother doesn't keep you away too long," Draco grumbled.

"You're a spoiled prat, Malfoy," Tara teased. "You've had me to yourself for so long.. you're like a child who won't give up his favorite toy. I'm sure a day apart won't kill you," She watched as her mate scowled and merely stood on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek. "One day that scowl is going to become stuck on your face."

"Do shut up," He growled softly, picking her up. Laughing, Tara clung to his shirt as he carried her to the bed and dropped her unceremoniously on it. "You can wear some of my clothes to bed," Tara's whole face exploded with color then. Anything of Draco's would surely be many sizes too large on her small frame.

"I wear one of your shirts but I'm wearing my own pants!" She managed to squeak out before darting to her trunk. Draco laughed and picked out a shirt for her. He tossed it to her and went into the loo to give her some privacy. Tara quickly changed and giggled at how his shirt fit her. The sleeves fell well past her hands, not that she minded with how cold it was, and it went nearly to her knee's! Draco returned and held back a blush at the sight of his mate wearing his shirt. She looked... adorable. Like a child trying to wear her parents' clothes. Tara smiled at him and they climbed into bed, curling up under the warm duvet. Tara curled close to Draco, sighing as he wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her in even more warmth. Without a word, they both slipped into a peaceful slumber, smiling as they dreamt of the next day and beyond.

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