You Belong With Me (Bill Weasley Love Story)

Again, continued from 'Weasley Love?'.
Name: Ellie (Light, Popularity) Rae (Wise, Protector) Stutler Thanks brehot for the name.
Age:22 (Set in 5'th year)
Looks: Dimpled, sweet smile. Curly dirty blonde hair. Short, petite.
Staus: Blood-Traitor Against Parent's Wishes
Traits: Bubbly. Shy. Kind. Caring. Wise. Smart.

Chapter 1

She Doesn't Get You're Humor Like I Do

"Mrs.Weasley I really must go!"

"Non-sense! You must stay for dessert! Besides, Bill isn't here yet. You can't leave without saying hello to him! The Leaky Cauldron can wait." said Mrs.Weasley, following me as I walked out the door.
"Well I guess your right and why not? Dessert never hurt anyone!" I decided, smiling and walking back inside.
"That's the spirit Ellie!" Fred and George said as I sat back down at the table.

The Weasley's had been a family friend ever since I could remember. That lead to the magor crush I had on Bill. That was until Fluer waltzed into his life and they had been dating ever since.
"Here comes Bill now." Ginny whispered to me and winked. Molly and Ginny both had told me several times that they would rather Bill and I be together than him and Fleur.
Bill sat down across from me and smiled. Fleur sat next to him, turning up her nose at just at the sight of me. I smiled back at him, not paying attention to the girl next to him, and looked down at my un-touched dessert.
"Bill! Look at your hair. I need to cut it straight away! Don't you agree Elle?" said Mrs.Weasley.
"Um, well I think it looks great either way really..."
Bill smiled a small smile and started a quiet arguement with her. I earned a scowl from Fleur.
I gathered together my dishes and the plates the twins discarded. I walked to the sink, dumping them all in and heading back to clean the rest. Everyone else at the table had drifted into the living room, leaving Molly and I to clean.

"Elle, dear. You don't have to cleanthe table! You're a guest." Molly exclaimed. She took the dishes I had already piled up in my arms.
"Nonsense Molly! When was the last time I was a guest here? This is like my home." I smiled, taking back the dishes and proceeding to clean the rest of the table.


"But the muggles have come up with something even greater. It is said to be a cellular fellytone! Brilliant those muggles! A portable talking device."
I laughed at Mr. Weasley's excited tone over muggle inventions.
Leaning against the doorway to the room, I took a sip from the cup in my hand. The Fire Whiskey burned my throat as I swallowed the amount. As the seperate conversations resumed throughout the room, I walked outisde for some air, still clutching the glass in my hand.
I sat on the top step and stared at the sky. The soor squeaked open and shut behind me. I didn't bat an eye as the person sat down next to me.
"What are you doing out here?" Bill asked.
"Oh, you know. Just getting a breath of air." I joked.
He only nodded his head, then turning to stare at the sky too.
"It really has been awhile hasn't it? You know, since we've last seen eachother and everything?" Bill said turning his head and looking at me.
I simply nodded my head, continueing to look at the brightest of all the stars and taking a sip from the cup in my hand.
"Mum told me you're the Land-Lady at the Leaky Cauldron. That must be fun!"
"Well, I'm not the Land-Lady. Not yet anyway.... No I just work there for right now but that's my dream. I'll get it eventually too."

I went on and on telling him stories of the place, both of us just sitting on the steps. Talking, laughing and telling stories. Just like old times back in 4'th year at the Black Lake.
We were both laughing when it slowly became an awkward silence.
"You have some icing right. There." Bill smiled. He leaned forward and wipeing the icing from my cheek. Still, neither of us said a word. We simply stayed sitting there, the icing already gone.

"Get away from the window!"

Quickly, we looked towards the direction of the shout. In the window, we barely caught Ron, Ginny and the twins smirking faces before Molly slammed the curtains shut.
"Well, um, yeah." Bill cleared his throat and stood up.
I followed suit, my cheeks burning. Even when we were both standing, Bill towered over me. I nervously fiddled with my hair as he rubbed the back of his neck.
For a third time that night, the door opened and closed, this time slamming shut. The beautiful blonde stomped out, arms crossed over her chest.
"Bill, we're leaving! You're brothers are mocking my accent." Fleur shouted.
"Alright. Just one moment, I need to say good-bye to everyone." Bill said.
She looked over the two of us, then stalked off again.
"Well, seems the twins set her off again." he sighed in frustration.
"I guess I should say goodbye now." Bill said looking at me.
I pouted at him." You know, you really shouldn't let her boss you around like that. Let her leave, you can stay. I bet Molly would love for you stay a little longer. I mean, you barely stayed an hour!" I tried persuading him.
"I don't think Fleur would be too happy about that... Mum would, but not her. Besides, I'll come back and visit when I can, stay a little longer too. But I really should go now. Give Mum a hug and kiss for me. Tell her I'll be back as soon as possible." Bill started to walk away, down the steps.
I couldn't help but count how many steps he took. 7..
"And Ellie?" He turned around suddenly. I looked up quickly and gave him a questioning look, raising my eyebrows slightly.
"Don't give up on that dream okay?"Bill asked, giving a crooked smile.

I smiled brightly. He was the first person to actually remeber and support my dream. Others just laughed and said it was a waste of time for someone with magic.
"I won't. I'll do it just for you Bill. I promise the next time you walk into the Leaky Cauldron, I'll be running the entire place!"
And you'd have realized I'm in love with you, ditch the veela and help me run the place... I thought hopefully, but never showing it on the outside.

He smiled. "I'll keep you to that promise. Goodbye future-landlady-in progress."

Goodbye guy I'm completely in love with

"Bye Bill."


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