Glad You Came (A Niff Story)

Glad You Came (A Niff Story)

Hey! This is a group story between Marti (JoeyRichterIsTotallySexy) and I.
I will be writing Nick's part and Marti will do Jeff's!

Chapter 1

And Here They Go Again

Nick Duval sat in his cramped bedroom, on the old wooden bed with springs that creaked under his weight.
It was happening again.
The yells from downstairs were getting louder. Nick sighed, and softly massaged the fresh bruise on his eye, a result of his latest abuse from his father.

Nick's dad wasn't a very nice person. He didn't agree with Nick's sexual orientation, and even abused him for it.
It had all started when Nick had come out a couple of years ago.
Nick had sat his parents down, and told them he was gay. It didn't go down well.
At first it had just been verbal abuse, name calling and insults, but Nick's father had taken to lashing out at him, and Nick's mother, when she tried to protect her son.

The boy groaned, flicked his brown hair out of his eyes, and lay back on his bed, the old Batman sheets crinkling beneath him. He stared at the ceiling, waiting for the yelling to stop.

This particular fight had started because his father had received a phone call. Nick hadn't heard the exact details, but his father had stormed out of the lounge, phone in hand, almost purple in the face. Therefore, Nick suspected it to be something about him.

It always was.

Eventually, he decided to go downstairs.

His mother was crying, and Nick noticed a slow trickle of blood seeping from a wound on her forehead. And at that moment, everything he had ever felt, all the anger which had been bottled up, spilled over the rim.

"You need to stop this now!" He yelled at his father. "Stop it! All the abuse, all the cruel words, just stop! You can't change who I am, and you never will! Just stop hurting her. Stop hurting all of us!"

Tears were prickling in his eyes. His father glared at him. " Get out of the way, homo. You will never be my son."
He pushed past Nick.
The boy just stood there, trembling, mainly because of what he had just done, but also with fear.


"You're moving. It's what is best." Nick sat at the table, facing his mother.
"Where?" Nick asked.
"To live with my sister. She has a son your age, Trent."
And so, Nick packed his bags and left.

A bus took him to Westerville. He stared aimlessly out of the window, watching the countryside transform into city.
They flashed past the gates of what looked like a very posh private school.
Nick caught sight of what the twisted metal spelled out: Dalton Academy.

When Nick got off the bus, the wind caught him full in the face.
God, it's cold here.
Pulling his coat closer around him, and muffling his frozen face with a scarf, he headed under the shelter of the bus stop.

As he sat down, he realised he had no idea what his aunt looked like.
His phone vibrated in his pocket. A text from his mum.
Hope you arrived okay. Jennie will be picking you up soon.
Nick sighed, and, without replying, slid the mobile back into his pocket.

A couple of minutes later, a Porsche rolled up next to him, and the window slid down.
A woman who looked like she was in her early 40's smiled kindly out of the window at him. She had dark hair, an expensive looking necklace and a lot of make up.

Nick nodded. The woman got out of the car, high heels clacking on the pavement as she walked over to the boy.
"I'm Jennie. It's good to finally meet you."
She embraced him delicately, and Nick inhaled the sweet scent of her perfume.

Like a mother, she ushered him into the passenger seat of the car.

Jennie climbed into the seat next to him, and started the engine.

They didn't talk much throughout the journey, and Nick stared out of the window again, as the city transformed back into the rolling hills of the countryside.

The car pulled into a long gravel driveway, which led to a very fancy looking house. A tennis court sat next to it, looking pathetically small in comparison to the house, whose grand shadow cast the courts into darkness.
Behind the courts, Nick could see a large outdoor pool, the bright blue water shimmering.
He looked up at the house. It was old fashioned, but an extension had been added, giving the villa a sense of modernity.
Jennie was loaded.

She parked the car, and she and Nick headed into the house. The interior was as fancy as the outside. Expensive paintings lined the oak panelled walls, sculptures of historical figures leered at them, and an expensive looking coat stand sat in solitary in the corner, its gold arms collecting dust.

Nick followed his aunt down the hallway and into the lounge.

Like everything else in the house, the lounge too looked exceedingly expensive.
Jennie led him to the staircase.
"Your room is the first on the right. Next door to Trent, when he is home. It should be all ready for you, and once you have settled in come back downstairs. Trent should be home soon."
Nick nodded, and climbed the spiral staircase.
He pushed open the first door on the right, and was welcomed into a rather large bedroom.

Nick dumped his bag on the double bed, and flopped down so he was spread eagled on his back.

At least this was going smoothly so far.

After a very hot, and long shower, Nick discovered the wardrobe.
It seemed Jennie had already spent a bit of cash on him.
Expensive clothes sat, waiting to be worn, on hangers.
Nick dressed in designer jeans, and a t shirt, and made his way downstairs.

His aunt sat on the couch with a boy of Nick's age.

So this was Todd. No, wait, Trent.

The boy turned when Nick entered the room and shot his cousin a grin.

Nick smiled weakly back and stood awkwardly next to the couch.

"You can sit down you know. " Trent laughed, patting the space beside him.

Trent was still in school uniform.
Nick surveyed the other boy, taking in the navy blue blazer, the striped tie and dark pants.

Nick let the couch swallow him up, while Trent and his mother yakked about Trent's week at school.

"Trent goes to Dalton, Nick." Jennie said, smiling at the quiet boy.
"You'll be starting there on Monday."

Dalton. The name rang a bell.

It was that private school Nick had seen on his way here! They were sending him to Dalton Academy? It looked far too posh.

But instead of complaining, Nick just nodded.

"Well you don't say much, do you." Trent laughed, swatting Nick's shoulder lightly.
When Nick didn't say anything, Trent laughed even harder.
"Come on, come up to my room."
Nick followed him upstairs, and into his room.

They sat down on the bed, and Trent tossed him an X-Box controller.

"So what's Dalton like?" Nick asked, as his cousin inserted a disc into the console.

"Oh so you do speak!" Trent laughed. "Dalton?" Well it's supposed to be really posh and have good academics. We do have good academics, but it's kinda crazy there!"

Nick nodded, and the door flung open. It was his aunt.
"Your Dalton uniform just arrived! Come and try it on."
The boys paused the game, and headed back downstairs.
As Nick pulled on the grey pants, and shimmied into the blue blazer, he felt happier than he had ever been.
It suddenly looked as if the world was a little better. No abusive father or protective mother. He could start fresh here. And he couldn't wait to start at Dalton.

WOOHOO! I love Niff so much.
Hope you guys like the story!
Comment and tell us what you think!
Your turn Marti!

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