Blood Love

It's in the world of Twilight mixed with the Vampire Diaries. So here are the basics: No sparkles, rings for sun block, the transformation burns but you have to be fed vamp blood then killed, the rest of the traits goes towards Twilight except vampires can eat human food and enjoy it, and they can sleep, but they don't need to. Also the Voltori exists 2
The main character is Scarlet and its told in 1st person. She has pitch black hair that reaches to her waist and leaf green eyes
Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Too Late to Choose

"Do you have something against bunnies?" Natalie called to me, while leaning against a tree a few yards away.
"First of all," I called back letting the drained deer drop, "I was drinking a deer not a bunny, and second I'm more of a people person."
"I can relate," she said wryly. Nat's eyes would be red for a few more hours because while I was hunting elk, she'd found an unfortunate hiker.
"So how are you and Greg doing?" I said to change the subject. My throat was still burning and it didn't help that her breath smelt of human.
Her nose wrinkled like she'd just smelt something horrid. "Eh, we're fine, I guess."
I raised my eyebrow at her.
"Well, you know how he can teleport wherever he's been before? He always just comes into my room at the worst times. Like he could stop outside my door and knock, but nooooo he never even thinks to do that! Or when I'm clearly ignoring him when he's annoying, he just shows up!" She fumed.
"That sucks. Have you told him?" I asked and wiped away some blood I got on my blue t-shirt. After two centuries of hunting you'd think I'd have the hang of this.
"Tell him what?" Nat looked back to me. Her eyes had been glaring at the sky like the clouds had something to do with ruining her love life.
"What you just told me. Just less angry," I suggested.
She did a face palm and gave me a hug before sprinting away to go find Greg.
I smiled and went to go find some more animals.

* * *

After feeling a little too sloshy I went for a walk and stopped at a 24 hour Dunkin' Donuts to get an ice coffee. I always got the craving for it after hunting. I checked my watch and saw I still had another hour or two before sunrise. I had my ring on, but the sun made me feel uncomfortable. Heading for the park I slipped on my iPod and put on some Death Cab for Cutie. Usually there wasn't anyone up this early, but today some guy was on my favorite swing.
He stopped swinging when he saw me and waved. I pulled out my buds and waved back.
"Hey," I said once I was close enough for him to hear. My throat ached from his smell, so I took another sip of my coffee. "Want some?" I offered.
He smiled and shook his head and we made eye contact.
Then I saw him. Well, what he was thinking actually. Which was really complementing and making me feel the need to blush.
I grinned back. Thankfully there was a swing next to his, so I sat in that one. I turned to him and said, "I'm Scarlet."
"Jake," he said in a really sexy rasping voice.
"So why are you out this late?" I inquired as I started to swing. I finished my coffee and tossed it into a near by trash.
"Nice throw. And I could ask you the same thing."
"I asked you first," I stuck my tongue out at him. It was so weird, I felt like I'd known Jake for years, though seeing his thoughts helped me get a feel for his personality.
"Couldn't sleep." As he said this he pulled out a cigarette and offered me one.
"No thanks, but if you give me cancer I will be sending you my medical bill," I warned. Of course I couldn't actually get cancer, but he didn't know that.
He laughed before lighting it. "So," he said with it between his teeth, "What's your reason?"
"Isn't it a school night?" I asked in mock interest.
"Yes, but you're also avoiding the question," he pointed out.
"I'm addicted to swing sets," I answered as seriously as I could.
Jake rolled his eyes. After a little more small talk he said, "So, I haven't ever seen you at Westward High before."
I stiffened. "I-uh... we moved here a few weeks ago and my sister is having problems with the paperwork," I improvised.
"Oh, cool where did you guys move from?"
"Virgina, we have some cousins down there," I let the lies fly, though we had been in Virginia last year.
"So what about your parents?"
I paused. Looking at my feet I murmured, "One gone, the other dead."
Out of the corner of my eye I saw him nod like he understood. Not the situation exactly, just that I really didn't want his pity and didn't want to talk about it.
"You know that bakery on Frost Street? Bake Cake? My mom runs it," he said, a small smile curving his lips.
"Seriously? I love that place!" I almost yelled. "There's this chocolate cream roll she makes and its like heaven in your mouth," I gushed out, then started laughing at how weird I sounded.
Jake's smile widened into a grin and he said, "Yeah, that's her signature dessert, she always makes it on the holidays."
I looked into his eyes for a few moments and saw: us in that moment mixed with him feeling a pull toward me, him imagining kissing me and as I started to get lost in him I felt the first prickles of sun on my skin and suddenly I jerked back right as he was leaning towards me. A hurt look crossed his face before indifference replaced it and instantly I felt regret and a sort of longing I haven't felt for a long time.
"Sorry," I said.
"Nah, it's alright, I should be going anyway to try and catch some sleep." He crushed the cigarette he'd been holding into the sand and started to stand when I grabbed his arm.
"Wait." I took a pen from my back pocket and wrote my number on his arm before he could say anything.
When I looked up he was smiling and when our eyes met I was filled with his warmth.


Okay, so in case you got confused Scarlet can see/hear/feel what people are thinking, but only when she has eye contact with them. Natalie and Scarlet aren't actually related but they're really close even if their diets are different. I'm not sure if I want the next chapter to be her at her first day at Westward High or just going home and deciding what to do next, let me know your ideas, and any other suggestion are helpful too.

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