Big Bang Theory (Fanfiction, I guess you could call it?)

I'm writing this story with Rejected_Photo (911draco's) So yeah!

Chapter 1

Moving in

by: Gymdogs
(Miranda's Charater: Name: Kayla Johnson. She is the same age a Penny and she just moved in with her. She has short black hair, blue eyes, and a tattoo on her should that says 'Dream')

I walked up the stairs banging my suitcases on the stairs, I walked up to Penny's room and knocked on the door. Right after I knock I saw the door across the hall open.

There were four weird looking men staring at me. "Uhm.... What are you doing?" A tall skinny dude asked me "I'm Kayla, I'm moving in with Penny, I work with her" I said. "Oh well i'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper" He said "Nice to meet you" I said. "And this is Leonard, Howard, and Raj" Sheldon said, and I waved to them. I knock on the door again, and there was no reply.

"Here let me try" Sheldon said. Knock Knock Knock "Penny" he said, and did that three times. "Well I guess she isn't here" Leonard said. "Oh yeah, she was working an extra shift" I said. "Uhm, do you want to hang out at are place till she's back?" Leonard asked. "Uhm, sure!" I said. They led me across the hall, to there apartment.

I walked in and placed my luggage, by the door. "Please, take a seat" Sheldon said" I walked over to the furthest seat on the couch. "But not there, that's my seat" Sheldon said, "Ok?" I said and moved over a seat. "So you work with Penny?" Howard asked. "Uhm, yeah" I said, "I started working there two months ago, but me and Penny have known each other for a long time" I said. "Oh cool!" Howard said. "And what do you guys do for living?" I asked. "Were scientist" Leonard said, and moved closer to me. "Oh well that's cool, I used to be a scientist, but then I got fired" I said, "Why?" Howard asked. "Well I was in the lab on day, and I mixed two things together, and well the building exploded" I explained. Sheldon's went from weirdly happy, to weirdly confused.

Knock Knock Knock "Come in" Leonard said, "Hey have you guys seen ---" "Oh there you are Kayla" Penny said. "Penny" I said, while jumping up to hug her! "Uhm, lets go un-pack your stuff" Penny said, grabbing my suitcases. "Ok, well bye it was nice meeting you" I said to Leonard, Howard, Sheldon, and Raj.

We walked into Penny's apartment, and I took my stuff to my room, I unpacked, then I went to the kitchen and cooked to eggs, for dinner. I sat at the table wondering were Penny was, "Oh I see you cook" Penny said. "Yeah I figured, since your letting me stay I could cook" I said. Penny's face opened with happiness.

Knock Knock Knock I heard. "Yes" Penny said, and while opening the door. "Oh Kayla forgot her phone" Leonard said, and walking up to me and handed it over. "Oh thanks" I said and took it. "Well I'll see you later" Leonard said, and didn't move for two minutes, "BYE" I said, and put a weird face expression on. "LEONARD GOOO" Penny yelled and pushed him out of the room.

"He totally likes you" Penny said. "What?" I asked. "He did that to me when I first met him. Then we started dating, and now were just friends" Penny said. "Oh wow" I said. "Well with that in my head I'm gonna go to bed" I said "Ok good night" Penny said and walked me to my room. I changed into my tight tank top, and my shorty shorts.

I heard the door slam, then I heard it open again. "Leonard, stop flirting with Kayla" Penny said. "I wasn't flirting- ok I was flirting" Leonard said, and I arose form my bed, I walked outside and peeked my head around the corner.

I saw Penny and Leonard arguing. I then saw Leonard look up at me, and his face went red as can be. "Leonard get out" Penny said and he rushed out the door. "Sorry to wake up" Penny said. "Oh it's fine" I said and went back to bed

(This is what her room looks like: (This is what the room looks like:

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