My Death Sentence (a Hunger Games story)

who cares about intros?

Chapter 1

the reaping

It's the end of the world, for me anyways. I was getting ready to say my goodbyes, and I recalled what happened earlier that day. I was in the section with all of the other 12 year olds, nervous for my first reaping. I knew it was nearly impossible for me to get chosen, but there was a chance. "Ladies first!" the lady shrieked. She reached into the plastic ball, and pulled out a slip of paper. I held my best friend's hand and waited. "Bella Simons!" she called out. My face turned pale and my friend froze. Her eyes went blank and her skin turned pale. This could not have happened. "I volunteer!" I cried. I could not let this happen. "What are you doing," she whispered. "Saving your life," I replied. She started crying and so did I. I slowly walked onto the stage. The lady pulled out another slip of paper. "Joe Conner!" I almost screamed. That was my older brother who got extra food for us using the tessarea. He had 31 names in there, since we have five people in our family. But I knew that atleast one of us wasn't coming back.

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