Let me tell you a bit about a 14 year old girl named Yoshalda

This story is about Kony.
If you don't know who this is please look him up.
And help us fight.

Chapter 1

The first letter.

I began writing a 14 year old girl from Uganda. She had escape from Kony and given birth to a small baby boy who sadly died the moment he was born. He was one Kony's many r@@pe children. I was given Yoshalda as a pen pal to help through her struggles.
She helped me become a better person.
I wrote her asking about her aspirations and dreams. I told her a bit about me and my mum and freinds. She responded with this.
"Dear Luna,
You seem like a lovely lady, thank you for your letter. Your 16? Wow I wish one day I'll live to be sixteen, it sounds very fun. I enjoyed listening about your friends, it made me laugh and I haven't laughed in a very long time. Tell your mom I say hello, I admire your kindness Luna. I dream to be a photographer. I know it's strange for a girl like me to dream something like this but I want to. I want to show the world beauty I see. Through a lense and a picture express who I am through the world around me. I want to photograph beautiful ladies, with gorgeous faces, perfect hair, and dazzling smiles. No, wait. Actually I want to photograph beautiful ladies with gorgeous morals, perfect souls and dazzling spirits. I hope to meet you soon Luna. Be sure to send me a picture of you so I can see you. You can see me, I know they send you pictures. Goodbye.

Isn't that beautiful? I was going to write weekly on the letters to and from her. Rate and comment what you think and plead wads some tags! Thank you and stop Kony!!


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