Cunning Snakes ( Draco Malfoy Love Story)

A Draco Malfoy Love story. Enjoy :D

What Sophia Looks like:

Chapter 2


I woke up to nothing but grey skies. I'm Sophia Scott, I'm 11 and i'm a pureblood witch. My parents are Zachary and Lydia Scott, they both were in Slytherin and are Death Eaters. My parents want me to be like them and join the Death Eaters, but i don't want to. I believe that Muggle-borns, Half Bloods, and purebloods are all equal.

Mom: Sophia, get ready, we'll be going to Diagon Alley soon

Me: Ok mother

I went to take a quick shower, got dressed, applied my eyeliner and mascara. I put in my gauge earrings, placed on my converse, slipped on my Jack Skellington ring, put on my beanie, and slipped on my hoodie. I walked down my grand, marble winding staircase. I walked into the kitchen to see Hope, our house elf setting Breakfast on the table.


Hope: Good morning Master Sophia

Me: Good morning Hope

My mother and father walked in and sat at the table. We ate our breakfast in silence until my father said something

Dad: So Sophia, are you going to join The Death Eaters?

Me: I told you dad, i'm never joining The Death Eaters, no matter how many times you try to convince me

Dad: Sophia, we want what's best for you

Me: and joining the Dark Lord is? if you think that then you must be bonkers

Dad: Don't you dare talk to me like that Sophia Heidi Scott!!!!!!!!!!

Mom: Zachary, calm down

The rest of breakfast stayed silent, i was fuming with anger, after i finished, i stormed upstairs and slammed my door. Why did my dad always try to control my life?!? I'm sick of this

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