Cunning Snakes ( Draco Malfoy Love Story)

A Draco Malfoy Love story. Enjoy :D

What Sophia Looks like:

Chapter 3

Meeting The Malfoys

After my parents got ready, we went to Diagon Alley. I got all my robes, books, quills but i still needed a wand.

Mom: Sweetie, go into Ollivander's to get your wand, We're going to shop around

Me: Ok mum

I opened the door to Ollivander's but i saw no one

Me: Hello?

Ollivander: Oh hello there young lady, shopping for your first wand eh?

Me: Yes

Ollivander: Ah, What's your name?

Me: Sophia Heidi Scott

Ollivander: Ah, i sold your parents their first wand, here you try this wand

He handed me the wand and red sparks came out of it.

Ollivander: Ok, 9 1/2 Cherry with a Dragon Heartstring core, here you go sweetie

Me: Thank you

I paid for the wand and walked out to see my parents waiting for me, They held a cage with a brown owl with Yellow eyes. I named him Chester. My parents and I decided to get some ice cream. We walked into the ice cream parlor and ordered ice cream. We sat then someone called my Father's name.

Lucius: Zachary!!!!!

Dad: hello Lucius, how wonderful to see you.

I saw a tall man with platinum blonde hair and green eyes, a woman with Blonde and black hair and brown eyes, and a boy around my age with blonde hair and brown eyes. The boy was pretty cute, i wont lie.

Lydia (mom): Hello Lucius and Narcissa, oh and this must be Draco

Draco? what kind of name was that?

Mom: This is my daughter Sophia

Narcissa: Hello Sophia, nice to meet you

Me: You too

Draco: Hi i'm Draco

Me: Sophia

Draco: You going to Hogwarts too?

Me: Yes

Draco: Hopefully, you'll be in Slytherin

Dad: She must be, our family has been in Slytherin for many centuries

I rolled my eyes at my father

Lucius: well we must be going, we need to finish getting Draco his supplies

Dad: Good to see you Lucius, goodbye

The Malfoys: Bye

Draco: Bye Sophia, see you at Hogwarts

Me: Sure

The Malfoys walked away and my family got up and left the ice cream parlor and went home.

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