Cunning Snakes ( Draco Malfoy Love Story)

A Draco Malfoy Love story. Enjoy :D

What Sophia Looks like:

Chapter 4

Train Ride and The Sorting

Dad: "Come on Sophia, time to go to the train."

I got out of bed, took a quick shower and put on my outfit



I got down stairs and got into the car with my parents. We drove to King's Cross Station and got to platforms 9 and 10.

Dad: alright you ready darling?

Me: Yes

My dad put his arms around my shoulders and we ran through the platform. I gave my bags to the conductor and hugged my parents

Mum: have fun sweetie and be good.

Me: bye mum

I board the train and it began to drive off. I waved my parents goodbye and went to find a compartment.

Draco: hey Sophia

Me: Hey Draco

Draco: you can call me malfoy if you want. would you like to sit with me?

Me: No its alright, i'd like to be alone right now

Without letting him persuade me i walked off. I found a compartment with two boys in it. One of them had black hair and green eyes and one with red hair and dirt on his nose.

Me: excuse do you mind if i sit here?

Boy with red hair: sure

i sat down next to the boy with black hair

Boy with red hair: I'm Ron by the way, Ron Weasley

Me: I'm Sophia Scott. Wait is your father Arthur Weasley?

Ron: Yes how do you know that?

Me: My father works at the Ministry with him, he hates your father but i like him, he's very kind to me

Ron: You're Zachary's daughter?

Me: yes but don't worry, i dont believe in what my father thinks about muggle borns and "blood traitors" to me they're just regular people like me

Ron: smiles i like you.

Me: and you? what's your name?

Harry: Oh i'm Harry Potter

Me: so you're the famous Harry Potter? do you mind if i see your scar?

Harry: sure no problem

He pushed up his hair and showed me his scar.

Me: cool

Just as soon as he put his hair down, the trolley cart came by.

Lady: Anything off the trolley dears?

Ron: No Thanks i'm all set

Ron held up a disgusting sandwich and smiled sadly.

Harry: We'll take the lot

Harry dug out a lot of galleons an Ron and I stared in shock.

Ron: Whoa

They ate alot of the sweets, i settled on a licorice wand and a chocolate frog. I opened the box and caught the frog before it could run off. I took the card. I had Rowena Ravenclaw. Just then, a girl with frizzy hair walked in

Girl: Have any of you seen a toad?

Me: No sorry

Girl: Oh are you doing magic, let's see then

Ron picked up his wand and chanted the spell. It didnt work and sent a spark at his rat.

Girl: Are you sure that's a real spell, well its not very good.I've tried a few, but they're all worked for me.

She walked over to harry and pointed her wand at his glasses.

Girl: Occulus Reparo

The tape in the middle of harry's glasses disappeared.

Girl: Holy Cricket, you're harry potter, i'm hermione granger

She looked at me and asked

Hermione: What's your name?

Me: Sophia Scott

Hermione: Pretty name and you are?

Ron talked with candy in his mouth and said

Ron: I'm Ron weasley

Hermione: Pleasure, well you guys should get into your robes, we'll be arriving soon. Oh and Ron did you know you have dirt on your nose?

She walked away and i giggled. I got up and went to the loo to change into my robes. The train stopped and all the first years exited the train. We got into the boats and we entered the school. A woman was standing at the top of the stairs.

Lady: Hello i am Professor Mcgonagall, now in just a few moments you will enter the great hall and be sorted into your houses, There are four houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

She continued to talk but i tuned her out, she walked away and we were all left standing there. Just then, i heard Draco speak

Draco: So its true then, Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts

Everyone began to whisper

Draco: This is Crabbe and Goyle, and i'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Ron snickered and Draco glared at him

Draco: Think my name's funny do you, no need to ask you yours, red hair and a hand me down robe, you must be a Weasley

I stood by Ron and Harry

Draco: Hey Sophia, Well potter you will soon find out that some wizarding families are better than the others, i can help you there

He held out his hand to harry

Harry: I think i can find out the wrong sort myself thanks

The professor came back and draco walked away. We walked into the hall and the sorting. Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor and Ron was sorted into Gryffindor too, Draco went up and was sorted into Slytherin. No surprise. Then Harry was called up and was sorted into Gryffindor.

Mcgonagall: Sophia Scott

I went up nervously and i sat. She placed the hat on my head and it spoke.

Hat: Ahh a Scott, well young girl you're rebellious and brave, you're smart and kind but cunning as well. Hmm very diffcult, lets go with SLYTHERIN!!!!!

The slytherin table cheered and i walked over to them. I thought i was going to be put in ravenclaw or gryffindor but i guess not. Our headmaster came up and suddenly food appeared in front of us. I took some food and began to eat. The girl sitting next to me spoke to me.

Girl: Hi i'm astoria

Me: Pretty name, i'm sophia

Me and Astoria talked until Dumbledore came up and gave us some rules. He then dismissed us and the head prefect directed us to our common room. Us girl went to our dorms to see our uniform were right beside us. I got dressed into my pajamas and went to bed.


Sorry i took so long guys, i ran out of ideas for a while :(

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