Random Little Things!

Hello everyone!
If you've checked out my wall or Lynx_Minx's wall, you've possibly noticed all the things I've put on it!
They have no real meaning, they just reflect on stories created & the mood I was in!
Enjoy & hate! LOL

Chapter 2

Childish Me! ^_^

by: Cozy_Glow
"Bite me! No, not really! You hurt & always leave a mark!"
"Don't be a wuss, Dark One!"
"How about I bite you?"
"Would you really hurt your Rainy Rose?"


"Scream! scream!! scream!!!"
"Stop crying! Please?"
"I have no idea who you are!"
"My tooth! I'm so dead!"
"I'll kill you!"
"Just do it! Please, I beg of you!"
"Don't go! Miss you!"
"Wish your biggest wish!"


I couldn't stop you crying,
But I could promise you!
If you take this,
You'll remember me.
I'll find you when I return,
But, until then, just wish!

Little Elora,
No longer blind.
That's my wish to you,
If you'll let me grant it.

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