Camp half blood: Demi Gods, all grown up

in this story the teenage Demi gods are all grown up, done with their training and are out in the real world all alone with only their love interests and best friends to keep them company.

Chapter 1


by: Ana_C
Anastasia Castellan (through marriage)
Age: immortalized at 23 by her Grandfather Zeus
Appearance: tall s"ex"ually skinny, with wavy Blonde hair and navy blue eyes
Personality: A rich, popular, self centered, vain, spoiled, mean girly-gril who has ADHD.
God Parent: Aphrodite
Siblings: 15 siblings, 14 older, 1 younger (Iridessa)
Power: seduction
Weapon: her beauty, a small dagger, she hides in a small leather bag tied to her inner thigh per Luke's orders she be able to protect herself.
Best friends: Tatiana Tibor, Percy Jackson
Love interest: Luke Castellan
Residence: The big house at Camp Half-blood, will be Mount Olympus later on
Greatest weakness: heart break, losing the people she loves and cares for
Strengths/Skills: honesty, fashion, dating/love & pain of any kind.
Position in Capture the Flag: none, She's not into sports
Position in Cabin: She doesn't live with her Siblings in their cabin.
Backstory: Anastasia was dropped off at camp half-blood a week after she was born by her uncle and then step father Hermes (Luke's dad) under Zeus' orders as he was afraid Anastasia being the then youngest daughter to the goddess of Love/Lust and S"ex"uality would not be safe any other place; R"ap"e being the most and serious of possibility. Anastasia grew up at camp half blood in the big house from then on. Luke and Anastasia were married 4 years before our story takes place, but they can certainly behave as if they are in the honeymoon faze of their marriage.

Name: Tatiana Tibor
Age: 22
Appearance:White hair to her shoulders,blue/red eyes,5'8"
Personality:She can be sweet to her friends,caring,kind,nice,loving,and loyal. When it comes to other people though she can get very mean,annoying,rude,snooty,snotty,and can make snarky comments.
God Parent:Hades
Siblings: Half brother,Nico
Power: Raising the dead and turning into a midnight black wolf.
Weapon:Stilettos and a sword made of fire.(She can only call the sword up when she's in danger.)
Best friends: Anastasia,,Luke,Percy,Nico,Mr. D,Clarisse.
Love interest: Percy Jackson
Residence: Camp Half-blood
Greatest weakness:Running and dodging knives.
Position in Capture the Flag:Defense of the flag
Position in Cabin: Leader
Back story: She's been at camp since she was born,camp is the only home she's ever known.

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