Camp half blood: Demi Gods, all grown up

in this story the teenage Demi gods are all grown up, done with their training and are out in the real world all alone with only their love interests and best friends to keep them company.

Chapter 2


by: Ana_C
I stood in my room of the big house leaning against the wall, starring down at the huge graduation ceremony the centaur had decided to throw all of us who had finally finished our training, was about to leave this camp forever to go into the real world and experience what a normal life was like.

I signed I wasn't sure I would be ready to leave the camp; couple of years ago when Luke was still around; I wouldn't be so worried but after he had sacrifed himself to keep Krons from coming back and killing every god out there just so he could take over the galaxy or whatever. I was terrified.

Sure I had Tatiana but she had Percy and I hated feeling like the third wheel.

I sighed once again before walking out of my room to the gratuation ceremony, trying my best not to break down in tears.

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