Camp half blood: Demi Gods, all grown up

in this story the teenage Demi gods are all grown up, done with their training and are out in the real world all alone with only their love interests and best friends to keep them company.

Chapter 3

My view,this is all weird...

I stepped out of my cabin and flinched at the brightness.
"Was it always this bright?" I asked Percy. He shrugged and kissed me on the cheek before we started to walk towards the Big House. Today was the day we got to graduate for completing our training,and making it out alive. I was nervous as hell and kinda wanted to disappear,but Percy and Anna both kept telling me I had to stay.
"Do I have to go? Can't I just like stay and hide in my cabin while somebody brings me my little plaque thingy?" Percy chuckled and shook his head,causing me to sigh in disappointment.
"You need to go! And if you do,I have a surprise for you tonight after it! So come on!" I nodded my head and finally shut up. Last time I had gotten a surprise it had been a pretty choker with a back onyx! I sat down in the front next to Percy and Nico and looked behind me to see Anna with a little bit of tears on her face. I smiled at her and patted her hand.
"It's not that bad! come on! if I can do this,and we both know I don't like to be very 'out there',then you can definitely do this!" She nodded and I smiled before looking in front of me again. All of the Big Three children were in the front,Aphrodite,Ares,and Athena children,and so on in ABC order!

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