Percy Jackson & a chance at a Normal Life

In this Percy Jackson Story Zeus wishes to test out the Demi gods to see how well they have been doing in their trainings to become proper gods so he temporarily takes their godly powers away, whips their memories and sends them off to live normal lives for a month, once the month is up they have a choose to make gain their old lives back and become gods to join him and their parents up on Mount Olympus or stay the way they are and remain mortal forever more.

Chapter 1


by: Ana_C
Name: Anastasia Castellan
Age: immortalized at 21
Appearance: Tall skinny with Sandy blonde hair and navy blue eyes
Personality: flirty and charming
God parent: Aphrodite
Love interest: Luke Castellan
Best friend: Tatiana

Name: Tatiana Tibor
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: dark as midnight black hair
Personality: She can be sweet, caring, kind, nice, loving & loyal to her friends; she can get very mean, annoying, rude snooty, snotty & can make snarky comments to everyone else.
God Parent: Hades
Residence: Camp Half-Blood
Best Friends: Anastasia
Love interest: Percy Jackson

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