Switching Places

The gods are bored, so they have a little fun while their kids are asleep; bodies, minds and souls are switched. Now they must go through life as someone new just until the gods decide to change them back of course? Can they handle it? will they learn anything? Only time will tell.

Chapter 2

Oh my god

by: Ana_C
I don't believe this last night I went to bed I'm certain as Anastasia Constellan,my head was on Luke's shoulder; his arms were wrapped around my waist but this morning I woke up alone and what's worse in a complete different bed then the one I had slept In last night.

I climbed out of bed, walked over to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and had a freaky friday moment. I closed my eyes and screamed I have no idea how it happened but I was in Stormy's body instead of my own which could only mean that Stormy must be placed in my body as well. And even worse than that Luke doesn't know. Oh god; it's more than likely my husband is going to try and seduce my best friend thinking she's me, I screamed again; rushed to get dressed then hurried over to mine and Luke's house hoping I could get their in time.

I was stopped on my way by Nico who smirked before saying
Nico: hey, Storm; glad you're up, dad sent me to get you. He wishes to speak to you right away, I guess he found out about you and Percy somehow.

I blinked not sure what to do next, then gasped as Nico grabbed my arm and transported me to the underworld before disappearing again.

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